Environmental Club

Huntington’s Environmental Club Makes a Difference

Huntington High School's new environmental club is making a difference.

January 27, 2017

They have enough on their collective plates already, but these Huntington High School students want to make a difference so they joined together and formed nothing less than a juggernaut in the environmental club.

Senior Rachel Roday and sophomore Noah Morris worked with science teacher Gina Carone to create an organization committed to doing whatever it can to make the world a cleaner and more beautiful place.

“The amount of waste that is created by society is incredible and I wanted to help the students at Huntington High School make a change,” Ms. Carone said. “The timing of Rachel Roday and Noah Morris approaching me to advise the new environmental club could not have been any more perfect. The building had begun the going green initiative with 1:1 Chromebooks for ninth graders to utilize digital documents. This sparked the idea for the paper recycling program within the building.”

Ms. Roday and Mr. Morris serve as co-presidents of the organization. The executive board includes juniors Rachel Moss (recording secretary), Katerina Obermaier (treasurer), Lauren White (historian) and Katharine Kitzen (social media) and freshman Neil Jean-Baptiste (corresponding secretary). Ms. Carone is the club’s faculty advisor.

“What our club has accomplished thus far is already a testament to the dedication of today’s youth to helping the environment and securing a sustainable future for latter generations,” Ms. Roday said. “I am so proud of our 75-plus members in this first year alone and I am excited to see what we accomplish next. It is vital that we as a society start change at a local level in order to keep the environment a clean and healthy place.”

Assistant Principal Joseph DiTroia and the Town of Huntington helped club members get the recycling initiative off the ground. “Recycling bins have been making their way into classrooms,” Ms. Carone said. “Our club members hope to spread awareness of the small changes people can make to lessen their carbon footprint. I believe there are great things to come from this new club being that the members are so incredibly dedicated.”

The paper recycling program kicked off last October. Collection bins are now in about half of the building’s classrooms and the club hopes the initiative expands further in coming months.

“Waste emitted into the environment is reaching catastrophic numbers each day and the students at Huntington High School are strong willed to make a change,” Mr. Jean-Baptiste said. “Our club’s goal is to lessen the negative environmental impact from the school and local community.”

The club plans to continue selling reusable water bottles that students can refill in attempt to cut the usage of plastic disposables. The club is also working to develop Earth Day and Arbor Day events to highlight how Huntington’s school community can work to make the environment a little bit greener.

“Our goal is to beautify both the local and global environments through activism and participation in environmental activities,” Mr. Morris said. “We have already implemented a successful paper recycling program and we hope to expand that to plastic in the near future. With over 75 members, I couldn’t be more proud of the effort Huntington High School has shown in addressing this issue in our community.”

Visit the club’s Instagram page @Environmenthhs for periodics updates and environmental facts.

Gina Carone
Environmental club faculty advisor Gina Carone.
Noah Morris
Huntington environmental club co-president Noah Morris.
Rachel Roday
Huntington environmental club co-president Rachel Roday.
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