Michael Harris

H-ton Senior Michael Harris Loves a Challenge

Michael Harris at the plate for Huntington. (Darin Reed photo.)

January 31, 2017

Michael Harris is excited. Baseball season is just around the corner and the Huntington High School senior is a sports fanatic. He loves to play and be around the field. The teenager thrives on testing himself and competing. He’s also excited about the future and going away to college. Life is good.

A member of the Huntington School District family his entire life, Mr. Harris started his trek as a kindergartener at Washington Primary School. His brother was two grades ahead of him in the same building and his mom was a PTA leader. He had plenty of friends in his class and outside of school he was coached on various athletic teams by his dad.

“I have a love for all sports, but baseball and football are my favorites,” Mr. Harris said. He’s played first base and centerfield on the junior varsity and varsity baseball teams and receiver and safety of the JV and varsity football squads.

“I love playing centerfield because you get the most action,” Mr. Harris said. “I have also loved being a part of the football family. I have made some great friends in football.”

Michael Harris
Huntington High School senior Michael Harris.

The teenager’s senior year line-up of classes includes Advanced Placement Government and Politics, pre-calculus, animal behavior, multicultural literature, engineering and business management.

“I am very interested in sports marketing,” Mr. Harris said. “I love sports and I love a challenge. I like the idea of being involved in something that is a competition and has excitement.”

The genial Mr. Harris has always hit it off with his teachers. He’s been particularly close to high school faculty members Michael Schwendemann and Joann Ferazi, who teach English and math, respectively.

“Mr. Schwendemann has always been there for me a teacher and as a mentor,” Mr. Harris said. “He’s someone who listens to me gives me advice when necessary. He always seems to know exactly what to say to make me understand the situation and make me feel better about myself. I respect him greatly. Ms. Ferazi has always guided me through her course and never gave up on me. It made me have a better appreciation of myself and respect for her as my teacher.”

When Mr. Harris suits up for baseball season he will once again be playing for his dad. Billy Harris is head coach of the Blue Devil varsity team and is on the football staff, too. Father and son are close and each of them loves working with the other.

“A few things stand out as far as high school highlights,” Mr. Harris said. “Being with my brother, William during my freshman and sophomore years made things a bit easier since he was already there and guided me when needed. Watching the varsity football team win the Suffolk County championship was a fantastic time. The excitement on and off the field was a memory I will never forget. One of my goals was to maintain a 90-plus academic average all four years of high school and so far I have done that.”

Mr. Harris has already been accepted by SUNY Cortland, Towson University, Auburn University and the University of Alabama. “I am very excited and will be visiting all four of them in the very near future and will make my decision as soon as possible,” he said.

The teenager plans to study sport sociology, operations management and sports case research, “to name a few,” Mr. Harris said.

“I’ve had a great experience at Huntington High School, but I do have one regret,” Mr. Harris said. “I should have been more involved in some of the school activities, such as student government, for example.”

As he heads into the final five months of his time at Huntington High School, Mr. Harris is happy as he glides around the building with confidence and a smile on his face.

Michael Harris
Michael Harris with his father, Billy. (Darin Reed photo.)
Michael Harris
Michael Harris busts a tackle for Huntington. (Lorraine Moya photo.)
Michael Harris
Michael Harris plays on the Blue Devil varsity baseball team. (Darin Reed photo.)