Southdown June Stars

Southdown Celebrates June’s Stars

Principal Scott Oshrin with Southdown School's June Stars

July 03, 2017

Southdown Primary School Principal Scott Oshrin, teachers and support staff members honored a sensational set of students on every grade level before the youngsters headed off for their summer vacation.

The final “splash” assembly included awards for students and a very special faculty member, recognition for students riding a pair of vans to and from school and even a dance party for hundreds of happy youngsters.

A “splash” assembly? What’s that? Southdown is the home of the dolphins, the school’s mascot. Students are awarded “splashes” for displaying positive behavior in the classroom and out and about the building, including being kind to others, demonstrating proper behavior in hallways and even boosting the spirits of someone feeling a little down.

One Southdown student is selected from each class in the building for formal recognition at the monthly “splash” assembly. The school considers these youngsters to be its stars.

Southdown’s June stars included:
Kindergarten: Nicole Orrego Salinas, Shea Monge, Brianna Zavala and Andrea Coreas Lopez; First grade: Elias Caldwell, Clive Polinsky, Loreley Castillo, Camila Jimenez and Brayan Ruiz Contreras; Second grade: Joseph Conklin Jr., Analia Bonilla, David Amaya and Michael Tucker; Third grade: Brandon Bonilla, Luis Orrego and Jenna Grattan; Fourth grade: Emerzon Crespo Segovia, Lily Michaelson and Yareli Campos.

Teacher Rose Medina was honored for her notable efforts with students and her colleagues, typically going above and beyond the call to duty. “She will be permitted to park in the principal’s parking spot for the month of September,” Mr. Oshrin said.  “Mrs. Medina is one of a kind. Her passion, dedication and experience are invaluable to her students. She is a team player and deserving of this recognition.”  

Students riding a pair of vans to school each day were also recognized for their positive bus behavior. Teaching students to act appropriately on buses and insisting on safe and responsible behavior has been a priority at Southdown.

A school-wide dance party capped off the fun for students.

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