May's Star Students

Flower Hill Celebrates May’s Star Students

Flower Hill Principal Marlon Small with May's Star Student honorees.

June 6, 2017

This has been one of the best years ever at Flower Hill Primary School and that’s really saying something since the building’s doors swung open to welcome students for the first time in September 1954.

The youngsters currently filling Flower Hill’s classrooms are just as bright and inquisitive as their predecessors have been for the past six decades. Faculty and support staff members work hard to meet the community’s expectations and the students simply love coming to school each day.

Principal Marlon Small recently announced May’s Star Student Award recipients and as you can imagine, the boys and girls who heard their respective name announced over the school’s public address system were more than just a little happy.

The honorees included the following youngsters: Kindergarten: Deili Sanchez, Bayan Muslim, Tyanna Oliver, Gavin Kline; First grade: Jean Carlos Murillo-Marroquin, Matison Kindelmann, Angela Abbatiello, Asani Ingram, Katherine Bautista Medina, Shealyn Gilroy; Second grade: Jackson Poli, Marcus Argaman, Chloe Gao, Angeline Joseph, Sophie Hoffman, Grahm Sulinski; Third grade: Mildred Hernandez Veliz, Jacinto Martinez, Melvin Magny, Kaida Boles; Fourth grade: Katy DeBellis, Thomas Milner, Andrew Viola, Jason Reyes-Galdamez, Jonathan Vasquez Mendez.

The Star Student Award winners were given certificates denoting their achievement and assembled for a commemorative group photo with Mr. Small.

“There are so many talented students at Flower Hill School this year, but these youngsters really stood out during the month of May,” Mr. Small said.