Gabriella DeLuca and Theresa Moreno

Theresa Moreno Chooses Fashion Institute of Technology

Huntington seniors Gabriella DeLuca and Theresa Moreno. (Mike Connell photo.)

June 8, 2017

Theresa Moreno has known what she’s wanted for a long time. The Huntington High School senior loves art and fashion and she enjoys the hustle and bustle of Manhattan so Fashion Institute of Technology is a perfect fit. It’s the college she’s always wanted to attend.

“I’ve known that FIT was where I wanted to go to school ever since I could pick up a pencil,” Ms. Moreno said. “My mom went there and considering what a huge influence she is in my life and my love of art, it seemed only fitting to follow in her footsteps. Come the fall, I’ll be studying fashion business management and hopefully merchandising in two years. I hope to become a part of the industry that I have come to adore as I grew up and to help others feel beautiful in whatever they choose to wear.” 

The smiling teenager is a very popular young lady around the high school, well-liked by classmates, teachers, coaches and club advisors. The good natured senior gets along with everyone and never lets anything get her down for very long.

Theresa Moreno
Huntington senior Theresa Moreno.

“Huntington High School has been my home away from home,” Ms. Moreno said. “I felt like I had a family cheering me on throughout my time here even when my actual family could not be with me at times. You’re never alone here at Huntington and students and teachers alike make the school into a tight knit community that I don’t think I’ll ever find elsewhere.”

Ms. Moreno has been in the high school’s student government during each of the past four years and has been a mainstay on the Blue Devil varsity tennis team.

“The teachers here are so special to me, especially Ms. [Kristin] Singer, Mr. [Edward] Florea, Mr. [Steven] Lashin and Gil (Robert Gilmor III),” Ms. Moreno said. “Regardless if I was in their classroom or office or not, they helped make sure that I was on track to figuring out what I wanted to do with my life come the close of my high school career. These teachers are more than just role models or mentors to me, instead they’re family and are among the many that make graduating from high school so bittersweet.”

Ms. Moreno has been studying fashion this year along with Advanced Placement Calculus, AP Government and Politics, Italian 5 Honors, Bible Literature and Humanities.

“Huntington High School has graced me with some of the best memories that I will cherish forever,” Ms. Moreno said. “Homecoming was always something that I looked forward to at the close of the summer and I feel so honored that at my last high school homecoming game I got to see just what our school can accomplish when we rally behind someone as inspiring as Eli [Mollineaux].”  

Located along Seventh Avenue at 27th Street, FIT boasts an enrollment of nearly 10,000 studying for undergraduate and graduate degrees. “One of New York City’s premier public institutions, FIT is an internationally recognized college for design, fashion, art, communications and business,” according to the college’s website. “We’re known for our rigorous, unique, and adaptable academic programming, experiential learning opportunities, academic and industry partnerships, and commitment to research, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

As her final hours as a high school student draw near, the teenager has grown reflective. “The years I spent at Huntington are ones that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world,” Ms. Moreno said. “They say that high school is supposed to be the best four years of your life and while I don’t necessarily believe in that, the friends and memories that I have created here will surely be ones that will stand the test of time among my favorite life moments.” 

The senior has some advice for next September’s incoming freshmen. “It may seem like you have all the time in the world, but it flies by before you know it,” Ms. Moreno said. “It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of schoolwork and drama and to just want to get out of here, but by the time that day actually comes, I can promise you it won’t be so easy to let go. Enjoy every minute, embrace the good and the bad and no matter what, make sure that after your four years you are ready to say goodbye.”

Theresa Moreno
Huntington's Theresa Moreno is headed to Fashion Institute of Technology.
Homecoming Day parade
Theresa Moreno (second from right) in last fall's Homecoming Day parade. (Darin Reed photo.)
Theresa Moreno
Theresa Moreno (second from right) with fellow Huntington seniors
Fashion Institute of Technology
Huntington's Theresa Moreno is headed to Fashion Institute of Technology.