Kelsey Miller

H-ton Senior Kelsey Miller Makes Her Mark

Huntington senior Kelsey Miller is headed to Syracuse University in the fall.

June 14, 2017

Kelsey Miller is the optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic president of Huntington High School’s Class of 2017. The teenager exudes confidence and for good reason; she’s so talented and earns the admiration and trust of her classmates and teachers so easily that she can probably accomplish just about anything she sets out to do.

Ms. Miller is headed to Syracuse University in the fall. She’s going in undeclared, but she hopes to focus her studies on communications with a minor in political science.

The teenager’s high school years have centered on challenging academic coursework along with plenty of fun activities, including the Huntington Highsteppers competitive dance team, student government, the Latin club and Latin Honor Society and Habitat for Humanity.

Kelsey Miller
Huntington Class of 2017 President
Kelsey Miller.

“Through student government, I have grown close to my class advisors, Mr. [Kenneth] Donovan and Mrs. [Lauren] Brunoni,” the teenager said. “I also have grown close to Ms. [Camille] Tedeschi as I have gone on two trips with her to Europe and Costa Rica through EF Tours.”

“Kelsey is a kind, caring and adventurous student,” Ms. Tedeschi said. “Her positive energy and kindness is infectious. I loved having Kelsey in the classroom for three years and enjoyed her just as much while abroad in Turkey, Greece, Italy and Costa Rica. Kelsey has made a wonderful imprint at Huntington High School and I know she will continue to do so as she embarks on her next journey in college.”

Ms. Miller’s senior year schedule has included Advanced Placement Government and Politics, AP Environmental Science, AP Microeconomics, AP English Literature and Composition, Calculus AB and Latin V Honors.

One of the Highsteppers’ team captains, Ms. Miller is a splendid dancer with the strength, balance, coordination, agility, grace and fluidity of a champion athlete.

“My high school highlights include going to the nationals every year with the Highsteppers and building the Homecoming Day float with everyone in my grade,” Ms. Miller said.

The teenager is well-respected by her classmates, who have repeatedly elected her executive positions with the student government. Ms. Miller’s tightknit group of friends will soon be heading off in different directions for college, but the bond between is sure to endure.

“Kelsey is one of the most dedicated people I know,” fellow senior and student government officer Ally Arleo said. “When she gets involved with something she gives it 110 percent and there’s no stopping her. I couldn’t be more thankful to have someone like her in my life. She means more than she knows and people should know that behind her beauty is an amazing personality that’s just always there to make your day better. Being her vice-president has made our bond stronger and the thought of not being with someone like her everyday makes me sad. Kelsey’s one of a kind and I’ve been more than honored to have her as my best friend. I know she will do amazing things at Syracuse.”

Ms. Miller loves new experiences and she is set to have many at Syracuse University. She recently hosted the high school’s senior academic awards night and will be sorely missed around the building next year.

“I have enjoyed my experience at Huntington High School tremendously and I am thankful for the relationships I have made with my fellow students, faculty and staff,” Ms. Miller said. “I am so glad I attended a high school with so much opportunity in such an accepting environment.”

Kelsey Miller (front row, fourth from left) with the Highsteppers.(Darin Reed photo.)
Homecoming Day Royal Court
Kelsey Miller (second from right) with the Homecoming Day Royal Court. (Darin Reed photo.)