girls' soccer team seniors

Senior Anna Gulizio Will Always Love Huntington

Anna Gulizio (center) with fellow girls' soccer team seniors. (Mike Connell photo.)

June 14, 2017

Anna Gulizio will always have a special place in her heart reserved just for Huntington High School and the people she has come across over the past four years. From classmates and teammates to teachers, coaches, administrators and all the others who make the school tick and give the community that special feel, the senior won’t forget any of them.

The teenager will graduate next Friday night with fellow members of Huntington’s Class of 2017 and though she will head off to Syracuse University in the fall, Ms. Gulizio isn’t about to entirely let go of everything that has meant so much to her throughout high school.

Ms. Gulizio is an athlete. She has played three sports throughout high school, excelling in soccer, basketball and outdoor track and field. She’s gritty, determined, skilled and a leader and she’s been valued by the coaches of every team she’s played on.

Anna Gulizio
Huntington senior
Anna Gulizio.

There are places I remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I’ve loved them all
“In My Life” - The Beatles

“I’ll always remember the sports and athletic program that Huntington has; it really is different than any other school and it helped shape who I am today,” Ms. Gulizio said.

The senior engaged in a credit bearing internship this year with Georgia D. McCarthy, the district director of health, physical education and interscholastic athletics. Ms. Gulizio was a perfect fit for the office. She’s personable, outgoing and she knows all the teachers and coaches in the district. She fits in.

“The staff made Huntington so special,” Ms. Gulizio said. “As much as I love all my friends, I know I’ll always have them, but all my coaches, the security guards and other mentors that were there for me along the way all made my high school experience so amazing. I’m sure when I think back to high school I’ll remember the time I spent in Mrs. [Georgia] McCarthy’s and Mr. [Robert] Gilmor’s office.”

Ms. Gulizio is interested in pursuing a career as a social worker. She’ll explore that other possibilities at Syracuse, but she doesn’t plan to disappear from Huntington completely. She’ll be back home periodically and intends to visit the high school when she can.

“I hope that people know that Huntington is more than just a school; it’s a community and a town and we all care about each other so much,” Ms. Gulizio said. “It really is a place like no other.”

Anna Gulizio and Lawrence Leake
Anna Gulizio and Lawrence Leake at this week's high school senior breakfast.
Anna Gulizio
Anna Gulizio earned All-County honors for the Blue Devils. (Darin Reed photo.)
Anna Gulizio
Anna Gulizio was sensational in goal for Huntington. (Mike Connell photo.)

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