Rachel Roday is flanked by Lori Kenny and Gina Carone

Huntington Faculty Duo Inspires Senior Rachel Roday

Rachel Roday is flanked by Lori Kenny and Gina Carone in the high school courtyard.

June 19, 2017

Rachel Roday is down to her final hours as a Huntington High School senior. While she’s already looking forward to her next experience at the University of Delaware, the teenager will never forget a pair of science teachers who have meant so much to her.

Ms. Roday intends to major in marine science. She’s been inspired along the way by Huntington teachers Lori Kenny and Gina Carone. The teenager has studied under and collaborated with the two faculty members for several years and she has derived a great deal of value from the time she has spent with both educators.

The senior has worked closely with the two teachers this year as an intern in the science research program. Ms. Roday has also continued her own research and successfully vied in numerous regional competitions in recent months.

“When Mrs. Kenny went on a maternity leave during my freshman Living Environment class, Mrs. Carone went from being our student-teacher to Mrs. Kenny’s replacement teacher,” Ms. Roday recalled. “I found out last year that Mrs. Carone was a new full-time teacher at the high school and I was absolutely ecstatic. During my time with her she put so much thought and passion into her lessons. She really cared about us as students and wanted to see us grow and learn.”

Fast forward to last fall when Ms. Roday and sophomore Noah Morris met and decided to create a new high school environmental club. “I knew immediately that Mrs. Carone would make an excellent advisor,” Ms. Roday said. “She is dedicated, motivated, and works harder than most teachers I’ve ever known. Without her, the environmental club would just be some kids recycling paper. She has transformed this club into the powerhouse Noah and I hoped it would be.”

A four year participant in the high school science research program, Ms. Roday has enjoyed a very well-rounded high school experience, which has included playing clarinet in the concert band, wind ensemble and pit orchestra and serving as the Blue Devil marching band’s drum major.

“Spending time with Mrs. Carone this past year was such a blessing since I hadn’t had her as a teacher since my freshman year,” Ms. Roday said. “It felt very ‘full circle.’ Mrs. Carone’s students adore her and it is obvious why. I can confidently say that she is kindest and most generous person I know. I’m so happy that Mrs. Carone could be our advisor and I think she feels the same way. The environmental club has a list of objectives for the coming years and I am certain that with Mrs. Carone and Noah leading the team, they will get the job done.”

“Rachel is an extraordinary individual,” Mrs. Carone said. “Her musical talents combined with her dedication to science research make her destined to excel in her journey as a marine biologist. She has made my experiences at Huntington High School special ones and I will miss her dearly.”

Although she will soon head off to Delaware for college, Ms. Roday will always remember the two very special high school science teachers and take the lessons she’s learned from each and apply them to her marine science studies. She takes comfort in knowing they are just a phone call away whenever the need arises. The durable connection they have made is sure to endure.

“Rachel is a student who is a role model in so many ways,” Mrs. Kenny said. “She is passionate about marine science, the environment, research, teaching and politics, to name a few. She puts great thought into the things she does and has been a phenomenal role model since the day she walked through my classroom door. She continually amazes me in her passion for life and making the world a better place while respecting the viewpoints of others. She will be dearly missed, but I know in the years to come we will see many more great achievements from this young lady.”

Gina Carone
Huntington science teacher Gina Carone.
Lori Kenny
Huntington science teacher Lori Kenny.
Rachel Roday
Huntington senior Rachel Roday.
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