Huntington prom-goers

Huntington High School Glows at Prom

The Huntington prom-goers glowed at the Milleridge.

June 28, 2017

Huntington High School students glowed as they partied the night away at this year’s prom at the Milleridge Inn’s Cottage House in Jericho. A crowd of 268 turned out to dine, dance, laugh and socialize with one another before heading in different directions as the evening drew to a close.

Billed as “A Night of Lights,” the prom featured a stunning dining room presentation and a dance floor that was mobbed all night. The prom was staged by Huntington’s Class of 2018 and its faculty advisors, Lauren Desiderio, Victoria Lombardi and Donna Nugent. A healthy chunk of the tickets were sold in the final weeks prior to the event as prom-goers locked in their plans.

Dressed in stylish business suits and tuxedos and beautiful dresses and gowns that ranged from super-hip to traditionally elegant, the teenagers spent most of their time on the dance floor or huddled up with their date or friends.

Earlier in the night, many students attended pre-prom parties during which they posed for a seemingly endless number of photos. Transportation from Huntington to the Milleridge varied, with some of the teenagers driving themselves or being driven in cars while others rode in limousines or chartered vans and buses.

The outdoor “appetizer” hour consisted of various beverages, butler passed hot hors d’oeuvres and an extensive array of cold items. Dinner included a garden salad and penne marinara along with a choice of marinated skirt steak, Chicken Francaise or mahi-mahi or a vegan dish consisting of a Portobello mushroom with grilled vegetables, roasted peppers, toasted quinoa and balsamic glaze. There was an ice cream and sorbet bar and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Seniors Jahi Douglas and Sonia Chemerisov were crowned prom king and queen, respectively. Juniors Alexandra Lourenso and Sam Bergman were named the prince and princess of the prom, respectively.

The Royal Court also included seniors Garrett Moya, Stefan Breskin, Andres Fajardo, Abby Bellistri, Christi Reinertsen and Olivia Baldanza and juniors Eric Gaitings, Ryan Smith, Ryley Madison, Emily Miron, Katie Seccafico and Mardnie Mentor.

“It was a really fun night and it was great seeing everyone dressed up and having a good time,” Ms. Seccafico said.

Some faculty and staff members even got into the swing of things on the dance floor with appearances by Ron Wilson and Steve Muller, among others. Suffolk Police School Resource Officer Andrew Fiorillo was on hand in a slick business suit, taking delight in watching the teenagers have so much fun.

Prom-goers enjoyed the music and DJ and kept the dance floor hopping. Some of the teenagers stepped outside onto the terrace or into the garden area periodically for some quiet time with each other or to get a breath of fresh air.

“The prom, as always, was as impressive as it gets,” said Principal Brenden Cusack, who attended the affair along with assistants Joseph DiTroia and Gamal Smith. “Our kids looked great and they all carried themselves with poise and style. The evening was absolutely beautiful and the Milleridge Cottage served as the perfect setting, made all the more interesting by the roaming peacocks that graced the grounds. It was an outstanding evening!”

As students left late at night, they were happy. “Prom was a great way for students to forget about the stresses of school and to celebrate the end of the year on the dance floor,” sophomore Katie Riley said.

Kyle Chin and Emma Grassi
Kyle Chin and Emma Grassi at the Milleridge.
prom-goers were dressed elegantly
The prom-goers were dressed elegantly for the affair.
young men at the prom
The young men at the prom wore sensational suits.
Rebecca Caballero and Jared Leake
Seniors Rebecca Caballero and Jared Leake at the Huntington prom.
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