Huntington Foundation Donation Funds Mini-Grants

The Huntington Foundation has funded a series of mini-grants.

March 2, 2017

The Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education has donated $4,116 to the Huntington School District to fund six mini-grants submitted by faculty members.

Huntington School Board members accepted the donation during a public meeting on February 27. The Huntington Foundation has donated in excess of $1 million to the district since the organization was founded more than two decades ago.

The grants were awarded “to assist with innovative educational projects in our district,” said Michael Grassi, who coordinates grant funding for the Huntington Foundation in a letter to district. Approved mini-grant proposals are funded at levels up to $1,000 each.

This year’s approved mini-grants will fund the following initiatives: 

Teacher: Carol Anne Kinane/Woodhull Intermediate School
Grant: Belkin Rockstar headphones: $299.80
Teacher: Amy Leinwand/Southdown Primary School
Grant: Guided reading materials: $597.11
Teacher: Jessica Castaneda and Brian Stellato/Huntington High School
Grant: Portable Mega Vox system: $840.00
Teacher: Debra Lawrence and Christyn Roseto/Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School
Grant: Ball chairs and attention devices: $939.57
Teacher: Dr. Kathleen Mallen-Ozimkewski/Jefferson Primary School
Grant: Leadership program: $462.80
Teacher: Kristen Murphy/Jefferson Primary School
Grant: Booklet and games for speech services: $976.99

In addition to Mr. Grassi, the Huntington Foundation’s board of directors includes Alice Marie Rorke (president), Amy Girimonti (vice president for development), Jill Carrello (vice president for public relations), Susan Lyons (vice president for grants), Debra Knowles (treasurer), Laurene Napurano (technical/website coordinator), Kimberley Steinberg (events coordinator) and Maria Cassar (secretary). Melissa Ryan, Marilyn Maggio, Diane Klaverweiden, Toniann Mangan, Julie Porzio and Erin Sclafani serve the organization as liaisons.

For more information about the Huntington Foundation, log onto to the organization’s website at .