February Stars

Flower Hill School Celebrates its Stars

Flower Hill's March Star Students with Principal Marlon Small.

March 8, 2017

Flower Hill Primary School recently celebrate several dozen of its stars. Teachers recognized a large group of very hardworking students who earned the admiration of everyone around the building during February.

Principal Marlon Small thoroughly enjoys presenting the Star Student Awards each month. “It’s always a pleasure to recognize a job well done,” he said. “Who doesn’t enjoy getting a pat on the back? Our students are no different. They are delighted to be complimented for their fine efforts.”

February’s award recipients include Hunter Kline, Harper Cohn, Anne-Myriam Excellent-Mesidor, Matthew Ramos, Gracyn Steinert, Geimy Manzanares Castro, Catalina Chanlatte, Claire Dello-Iacono, Jaylah Morgan-Page, Jazlyn Alas, Critza Cruz, Isabella Goutevenier, Grace Callery, Ghemie Cantave, Yuliana Lopez, Katherine Ramos Panameno, Kemar Miller, Cecilena Monge Moreira, Angel Menjivar Quintanilla, Mia Kaufman, Maximillian Butler, Ethan Naima, Robert McCallion, Elmer Cerritos Cantarero and Sofia Gomez Calderon,    

The Star Student Award recipients were all cited by their teachers for a sensational month filled with outstanding performance in Flower Hill’s classrooms and all around the building.

The honorees were presented with certificates and then gathered as a group with Mr. Small in the cafeteria in front of a large mural. A commemorative photo was snapped. If will be affixed to a bulletin board along the building’s main hallway.

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