Quinn Blackburn's artwork

Quinn Blackburn’s Infinity on Exhibit at Heckscher Museum

Quinn Blackburn's Infinity is on exhibit at the Heckscher Museum.

March 17, 2017

Quinn Blackburn is an insightful young man. The Huntington High School junior’s academic and co-curricular achievements speak for themselves. He’s an accomplished artist, too.

Mr. Blackburn is one of a relatively small group of high school artists who have had their work chosen for exhibit at the Long Island’s Best show currently underway at the Heckscher Museum.

Artists submitting piece for judging and possible inclusion in the exhibit are asked to choose a work of art in the Heckscher Museum’s collection as the starting point for their own creative process. The teenagers then interpret the respective pieces through their own art.

“While reading the artist’s description of Where is Home by Han Qin, I was intrigued by the idea of where home really is,” wrote Mr. Blackburn in an artist’s statement that accompanies his work at the Heckscher Museum. “When thinking about our planet, I realized that Earth is but a speck compared to the infinite parallel universes that exist. Everything that can happen is going to happen, but just in a different time and place. Which brings me to the artwork I created. Is home really home? Are our lives really that significant and unique? Or is there just another dimension, living the same reality, but with better… or worse outcomes.”

Quinn Blackburn
Huntington junior Quinn Blackburn
is an award winning artist.

A thoughtful young man, Mr. Blackburn reflected on some weighty issues during the creative process. His finished piece, which is on exhibit through Sunday, April 9 is drawing many positive reviews. At tomorrow night’s opening reception, the teenager will be presented with the Renzo S. Bianchi Scholarship Award for his outstanding artwork. The award recognizes the top young artists on Long Island for their “effort, dedication and talent.”

“My piece Infinity depicts the never ending galaxies in the universe,” Mr. Blackburn said. “These galaxies beyond our solar system are beginning to saturate our collective conscience. There is always the chance of one person being in more than one universe at the same time. The bubbles above her head symbolize how although there may be multiple realities occurring, we only know of one.”

A student of Huntington High School graphic arts teacher Kasmira Mohanty and one of the leading members of the Class of 2018, Mr. Blackburn is sure to have many more moments in the spotlight.