Joey Ramos Jr.

H-ton Sophomore Joey Ramos’ Artistic Talents Sparkle

Joey Ramos produced this spectacular artwork.

March 23, 2017

Joey Ramos is starting to hit his stride as one of Long Island’s top young artists. The Huntington High School sophomore has been developing his techniques and talents for several years and his work is increasingly gaining notice.

Mr. Ramos has been studying with Huntington graphic arts teacher Kasmira Mohanty. The duo works well together and the teenager has sharpened his skills to closely match his exceptional creative side.

The Huntington sophomore recently developed a project that drew as its inspiration a piece housed at the Heckscher Museum of Art. Ms. Mohanty believes her student has created something spectacular.

“Identity Theft by Paul Farinacci was the inspiration for my artwork,” Mr. Ramos said. “I was particularly taken by Farinacci’s desire to visually communicate society’s diminishing line between public and private life. I decided to expand upon that concept and create a societal conflict piece.”

Mr. Ramos spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on Mr. Farinacci’s mixed media on paper with fabric, metal and internal electric light artwork. 

“Technology has infiltrated our lives to the point that our youth takes what is placed on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram as truth,” said Mr. Ramos in an artist’s statement that accompanies his artwork. “Social media networks create a social imbalance and are responsible for the void of deep and meaningful relationships. To express these ideas I used myself as an example to illustrate the struggle to separate from the intensity of social media. I am more than just a selfie or a curated Facebook page. These platforms do not tell the entire story of who I am.”

Mr. Ramos’ artwork is closely tied to his philosophy of daily living. “Trusting social media to tell the ‘truth’ is a mistake that many make today,” he said. “Who you truly are happens during face to face conversations with people you hold dear and strangers as well, not via pixels.”

Joey Ramos, Jr
Huntington sophomore Joey Ramos, Jr.
Joey Ramos
Identity Theft by Paul Farinacci provided inspiration for Joey Ramos.