Jefferson Science Fair

Jefferson School Science Fair is Captivating

Jefferson Science Fair award recipients.

March 23, 2017

Science informs. It inspires and captivates. It educates and motivates. Just like their counterparts across the country and world, the youngsters that fill Jefferson Primary School each day love science, too.

This year’s Jefferson Science Fair featured projects that tested hypothesis and ventured off into a range of fields. Some of the work was downright ingenious. Many of the presentations were colorful in nature, both in the inks and papers that were used, but also in the manner the experimental findings were explained.

The projects were evaluated by district elementary Chairperson of STEM Jill Johanson, who met with students to review their work. Projects were exhibited in the school gym. Classes toured through display during the school day and a large crowd of parents and family members turned out at night.

This year’s honorees include:

First place: Sofia Rodriquez
Second place: Ronnie Carillo
Third place: Amalia Heinz
Honorable Mention:
Logan Apelsinov
Alexa Schirripa
Evan Mittelman
Aneliese Cardwell
Ben Soric
Delaney O’Brien
Ethan Mortensen

Ms. Rodriquez will now advance to the Brookhaven National Lab’s elementary science fair on Saturday, May 6 and vie against other talented Long Island students

“Our students did a sensational job developing projects this year,” Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide said. “We’re very proud of their work and excited that Sofia Rodriquez will be representing our school at Brookhaven.”

Amalia Heinz
Amalia Heinz took third place in the Jefferson Science Fair.
Ronnie Carillo
Ronnie Carillo captured second place in the Jefferson Science Fair.
Sofia Rodriquez
Sofia Rodriquez won first place in the Jefferson Science Fair.
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