Huntington Students Vie in Nassau Science Contest

Huntington science research program participants are ready for a competition.

May 2, 2017

Students in Huntington High School’s science research program are vying in a long list of competitions this spring, presenting their projects to judges and winning awards.

The teenagers include many newcomers to the research program and longtime veterans, too. Students have spent months developing and perfecting their work and sharpening their displays and presentation skills. Topics have run the gamut, from plant studies to space gravel.

A large group of Huntington students presented their research at Nassau Community College’s annual science fair. Judges listened intently to each presentation before critiquing the work. The teenagers engaged in research at both the high school and at various off-site locations around Long Island. Learning how to display research findings, present it to judges and field difficult and probing questions are among the skills developed in the course.

The group participating in the Nassau Community College competition included first year science research class members Terrel Cox and Sam Roberts. The two sophomores collaborated on a project and were both on hand to explain their findings.

“It was a unique experience,” Mr. Cox said. “The judges were interactive in a positive manner and really showed an interest in our project.”

The research partners focused on the effects of chemicals on English ivy. They were satisfied with the progress they made during their first year in the program. The duo intends to take Advanced Placement Chemistry next year and expand their research by delving into DNA barcoding.

Many talented students from across Long Island were on hand for the Nassau competition and participants were kept on their toes by experienced judges. The Huntington contingent walked away more knowledgeable and better positioned for future success in coming years.

“It was nice to broaden my experiences in science and see how a science competition functions firsthand,” Mr. Roberts said.

As the close of the academic year draws near, participants in Huntington’s science research program are pleased with their own progress and also proud of the success enjoyed by classmates. They look at the program as a team and those studying in it all pull for one another.

Science teacher Lori Kenny, who leads the high school’s research program said students are already looking forward to next year’s project topics and have begun setting the stage to engage in high end studies.

(Huntington junior Nolan Piccola, an intern in the high school science research program, contributed reporting to this story.)

Huntington research team members
Huntington research team members presented their findings to judges.
Huntington research team members
Huntington's Adina Kirkland with her project at the fair.
Huntington research team members
Huntington science research students participated in a competition at Nassau Community College.
Huntington research team members
Research program participants learn how to present findings to judges.