New York State Scholarships

Huntington Seniors Win State Scholarship Awards

(Top Row, Left - Right) Huntington Class of 2017 valedictorian Steve Yeh, Amanda LoScalzo, Erin Morrisroe, Jacob Strieb, (Bottom Row, Left - Right) Kathryn Dara, Lauren Sage, Molly Warren, and Shannon Foley.

May 3, 2017

Eight Huntington High School seniors have garnered New York State Scholarships for Academic Excellence based upon their sensational performance.

The scholarships are good for up to five years of undergraduate study at New York colleges. The awards are based upon scores on certain Regents exams.

Huntington’s Class of 2017 valedictorian Steve Yeh captured a $1,500 award. Kathryn Dara, Molly Warren, Lauren Sage, Shannon Foley, Amanda LoScalzo, Erin Morrisroe and Jacob Strieb were all chosen for $500 awards.

The state is awarding 2,000 scholarships of $1,500 each to the top graduating student in every registered New York high school. Another 6,000 scholarships of $500 each are also being presented to other outstanding high school students.

“I am so proud of these eight students for all of their accomplishments and for winning this scholarship,” Huntington Principal Brenden Cusack said. “This award is especially significant, as the funds are provided to students who attend New York States schools each year for up to five years. I am also grateful to our guidance department for facilitating the selection process.” 

Mr. Yeh is headed to Cornell University where he plans to major in either mathematics or physics. Ms. Dara plans to study English at the University at Albany. Ms. Foley is considering an economics major while Ms. LoScalzo is thinking about majoring in business.

Ms. Morrisroe intends to major in biochemistry while Ms. Warren plans to pursue an industrial design major. Mr. Strieb intends to major in mathematics.

“These awards are among the most prestigious offered by New York State and they are surely being offered to a talented and deserving group of Huntington students who have worked particularly hard throughout their years in district,” Superintendent James W. Polansky said. “We are very proud of their efforts and what they have accomplished. Their future is bright!”

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