Washington School Students Capture Awards

April's Washington Ways Awards recipients with Principal Marsha Neville.

May 9, 2017

Washington Primary School students were smiling as dozens of youngsters were presented with special awards one recent morning.

Principal Marsha Neville announced April’s Washington Ways Award recipients and May’s Featured Artists. Teachers were asked to bring their classes into the hallway and line each side. As the names of the award winners rang out over the school’s public address system, classmates cheered while their friends headed down to the main lobby to pick-up a certificate and pose for a photo.

April’s Washington Ways Award honorees included Hector Perez Nunez, Karl Lindor, John Hernandez-Gomez, Dredlin Paez Santos, Abigail Arelt, Zackary Smith, Lia Zivkovic, Eduardo Chavez, Janelle Benitez Euceda, Kalissa Simon, Justin Cahn, Charles Nottingham, Jhony Moreira-Nativi, Adrian Burga, Hernan Jimenez Contreras, Jeziel Negron, Katherine Valle, Paola Lopez Flores, Brian Banegas, Erika Reyes, Anne Tyrell and Keisha Velma.

The entire classes of teachers Cindy Palmirotto and Kristen Thatcher were recognized as April’s Blue Ticket Award honorees.

Here’s how the Washington Ways program works:

White tickets are awarded weekly for good behaviors and actions in the classroom. White ticket winners are honored with special recognition in their classroom at the end of each week and their names are announced every Monday morning.

Red tickets are presented to individuals for notable good behavior outside of classrooms, including in hallways, buses, the playground and cafeteria, etc. At the end of the month, the student in each class with the greatest number of red tickets is recognized with a special certificate.

Entire classes can earn blue tickets for positive group behavior out-of-the-classroom. Blue tickets are also awarded to the two classes within the building with the most tickets overall.

Featured Artists of the Month

May’s Featured Artists are a very creative bunch. Their colorful artwork is currently on exhibit in the school’s main hallway outside the gymnasium and cafeteria. The students are in classes taught by art teachers Maria Mazzola and Karen Morea.

Washington’s Featured Artists include Je’Talia Nelson-Cambry, Kimberley Castillo Martos, Gemma Bedell, Sofia Fiore, Allisson Cano Figueroa, Daniel Romero Lino, Xavier Garcia Granados, Zynear McCarvin, Isabella Smith, Harrison Uvena, Maggie O’Toole, Joel Vazquez-Cruz, Josue Quintanilla Lopez, John Hernandez Gomez, Hector Merlos Campos, Aylin Gomez Chileno, Eva Rosales and Katelyn Kim.

“It was truly an honor to present these awards to such a fine group of boys and girls,” Mrs. Neville said. “As the school year winds down, I have to say that Washington School is so very fortunate to have so many wonderful students in our building. We appreciate their effort and their cooperation with our faculty and staff and with each other.”

Featured Artists
Artwork by the Featured Artists is on exhibit in Washington's main hallway.
Featured Artists
Washington School's Featured Artists for May with Principal Marsha Neville.