Nick Lanzisero

Teacher’s Unconventional Style a Hit with Senior

Senior Nick Lanzisero is headed to Binghamton University.

May 11, 2017

While Nick Lanzisero likes to keep an open mind in life, the Huntington High School senior also holds some strong opinions and when it comes to social studies teacher Jordan Gould, the teenager is convinced the faculty member is one of the best. Period.

A member of Huntington’s teaching corps since March 2003, Mr. Gould earned an undergraduate degree at LIU-C.W. Post and a master’s degree at Stony Brook University. He graduated from John Dewey High School in Brooklyn.

“His unconventional teaching style promotes extensive hands on learning simulations,” Mr. Lanzisero said. “This way, the students learn for themselves rather than being told information.”

Jordan Gould
Veteran Huntington High School social studies
teacher Jordan Gould.

The teenager was a student in Mr. Gould’s Global History class two years ago and his admiration for the faculty member has only grown since then. “Everything about him is unconventional,” Mr. Lanzisero said. “From his true religion jeans and pony-tail to his crazy stories that always end in life lessons. During the World Court Games, he pushed us to research extensively to the point where we craved new knowledge.”

Mr. Lanzisero is headed to Binghamton University in the fall. “I will most likely be following a path along the lines of engineering as well as business,” the senior said. “What I know for sure is that I’m ready for the new experiences that life has to offer.”

No matter where he goes or what he studies, Mr. Lanzisero will always remember Mr. Gould and the many days he spent in the teacher’s class.

Captain of the Huntington football team, Mr. Lanzisero was named to the county’s All-Division squad. The key to his overall success in high school has been the support system comprised of teachers, coaches and friends that he has grown close to in Huntington. “Without these people, I wouldn’t possess the skills and abilities needed to succeed,” he said.

President of the Young Leaders youth development organization and Huntington’s male recipient of the Suffolk Zone Award, Mr. Lanzisero played an integral role with this year’s robotics team that reached the world championships in St. Louis.

As he sits in a Binghamton University classroom next fall it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Mr. Lanzisero’s mind drifts, if only for a few seconds, back to his days at Huntington High School and the time he spent with Mr. Gould and his unconventional instructional methods.

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