Fashion Show

Huntington Fashion Students Display Beautiful Designs

Huntington fashion design program students strode the runway in confidence.

May 22, 2017

Huntington High School fashion design students recently showed off their work at two public shows in Louis D. Giani Gymnasium.

The show consisted of Fashion I, II and III students plus several guest student models. The Fashion I students made one garment each; either a dress, a top, a skirt or shorts. The Fashion II and III students made several garments each and also made at least one “up-cycled” piece. 

Art teacher Kim Valerio heads the high school fashion design program and she beamed throughout the afternoon and evening shows. Department colleague Jane Judson assisted with the event, which was a lively affair.

Fashion Show
Huntington fashion design program students showed off their creations last week. (Darin Reed photo)

Senior Chloe Liepa, who is interning with Ms. Valerio, served as master of ceremonies, announcing each of the students as the entered the runway. “Chloe wore a skirt that she made and had several pieces on display at the art show, including a metal and wire garment that was on exhibit at the Huntington Arts Council’s High Arts Showcase in April,” Ms. Valerio said.

Fashion Design III student Celine Palermo created a show brochure that was available to the audience. It listed the students in the program and also the runway models who helped make the show a success.

This marks Ms. Valerio’s second year heading the high school’s fashion program. She also teaches Ceramics & Sculpture and Creative Crafts.

Some of the show’s highlights included:

• Fashion III student Arelis Batista created a navy and white striped matching pants and bandeau, which was impeccably sewn.
• Fashion III student Destiney Delva made several garments that several other students wore on the runway. She hand painted several denim jackets.
• Fashion III student Olivia Hannigan walked the runway twice. She created a 70s inspired pale blue striped jump suit. She also repurposed a pair of jeans, creating a fringe effect and adding satin pockets, which was coordinated with a yellow print poncho that she made.
• Fashion II student Jessie Torres and Creative Crafts student Lucy Biblow collaborated on a gown that included a hoop skirt and matching top. Ms. Biblow wore it on the runway. Ms. Torres also had several other students wear additional pieces that she made appear on the runway.
• Fashion I student Jeraine Nieves-Morales created a red gown with gold trim that seemed to be a crowd pleaser.

The student designers showing their work included:

Fashion I: Catherine Arevalo, Dania Avelar-Romero, Sylvia Belanger, Brooke Biernacki, Kyra DeSalvo, Diana Guevara-Gomez, Vanessa Hernandez-Gomez, Edwin Herrera Reyes, Tateana Khokhar, Baylie Larsen, Juliet Love, Emilsa Mejia Amaya, Isabella Neira, Jeraine Nieves-Morales, Madelyn Reed, Kaitlyn Smith, Natalia Stamatatos, Jasmine Taylor, Tyra Thompson and Jeni Vilorio.

Fashion II: Luis Cuji, Isabella Fox, Victoria Guerrero, Shaye O’Beirne, Ciara Thompson, Jessie Torres-Romero, Nicole Walsh and Phoebe Walther.

Fashion III: Arelis Batista-Pacheco, Destiney Delva, Brenda Garcia-Ortega, Olivia Hannigan, Chloe Liepa, Giselle Martinez, Kimberly Martinez, Theresa Moreno and Celine Palermo.

Guest models included Lucy Biblow, Kimberley Campos, Nikki Daniel, Rachel Fils-Aime, Vennyse Green, Citlalli Lozano, Lindsay Martin, Afroditi Mountanos, Caitlyn Palermo, Suzy Recarte, Aahraia Smith and Kristen Tate.

Ms. Valerio holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design and a Master's in art education from Long Island University.

Fashion Show
Fashion creativity was on display at the show.
Fashion Show
Runway models enjoyed showing off the hip fashions.
Fashion Show
Huntington fashion design program students showed off their creations last week. (Darin Reed photo.)
Fashion Show
Huntington fashion design program students showed off their creations last week. (Darin Reed photo.)

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