Film Fest

Huntington’s 8th Annual Film Festival Lineup Set

Huntington High School's top filmmakers will screen their work on May 30.

May 23, 2017

With nearly two dozen short films set to be screened, Huntington High School’s eighth annual film festival at the Cinema Arts Centre on Park Avenue on Tuesday, May 30 at 7 p.m. is expected to be something very special.

Admission is free. No tickets are required. The Cinema Arts Centre is providing a bigger theater with additional seating for this year’s festival in anticipation of a larger crowd. The general public is welcome to attend as are entire families. The festival’s 22 films will run for a total of about 60 minutes.

“We will be showing short stories, public service announcements, poem inspired, stop motion and a class rotoscope from our media arts students,” said art teacher Heather Swan, who leads Huntington High School’s video arts program. “We will also be debuting the three 10-Day Film Challenge videos that have made it into the state finals.”

The festival’s lineup includes:
The Grappler – Short story by Charlie Ehrman
Sunrise – Poem inspired/experimental by Emma Pipolo
Skating – Stop motion by David Mosden
A Five Obstructions Film – By Jackie Caravetto
Can’t Stop the Feeling – Media arts rotoscope
Love & Equality Rally – Political documentary by Charlie Ehrman
Extremes – AAA traffic safety grand prize winner by Jack Glicker
Funyons – Commercial by John O’Brien, Chris Bavaro and Liam Walsh
Millennial – Experimental by Luis Cuji
Horse Head – Stop motion by Griffin Bluemer
Journey from El Salvador: An Edgar Rivas Story – by Charlie Ehrman
No Rewind – Public service announcement by Lindsay Martin
The Lost Turtle – Five obstructions by Erick Joya-Amaya
Enlighten – Poem inspired/experimental by Luis Cuji
Chapman – Autobiographical by Charlie Ehrman
Friend – Stop motion by Noah Morris
bELIeve – Inspirational short story by Charlie Ehrman
Ballarina – 8mm experimental by Emma Pipolo
Opioid Misuse – Public service announcement by Marco Caporuscio
Left to Write – 10 Day Film Challenge by Noah Morris, Griffin Bluemer, Erick Joya-Amaya, Thomas Freibolin and David Mosden
Notes of Emotion – 10 Day Film Challenge by Tania Ulloa, Marco Caporuscio, Luis Cuji and Celine Palermo
Soundbite – 10 Day Film Challenge by Charlie Ehrman, Jack Glicker, Emma Pipolo, Jackie Caravetto and Lindsay Martin

“It is an honor to be a part of our annual film festival for the fourth year,” Mr. Ehrman said. “It is a bittersweet feeling to know it’s going to be the last time I am in the high school festival, but I am excited to watch and celebrate the films my classmates and I have worked so hard on.”

The filmmakers will be available to discuss their work. Cinema Arts Center refreshment stands will be open before, during and after the festival film screenings.

 “This has been an incredible year of awards and recognitions for our talented film students,” Mrs. Swan said. “We are very excited to display all of our hard work on the big screen at the Cinema Arts Centre for our friends, family and community members to see.” 

The Cinema Arts Centre is located at 423 Park Avenue in Huntington. Contact Mrs. Swan at [email protected] for more information.