Gina Carone.

HHS Teacher Gina Carone Lands HFEE Star Grant

Gina Carone and sophomore lab assistant Natalie Gonzalez hold a new microscope.

May 24, 2017

Gina Carone is driven. The Huntington High School science teacher is always developing new ideas to improve the classroom experience for her students.

Mrs. Carone teaches Living Environment and science research. She’s also the environmental club’s faculty advisor. It’s a new organization that she helped students create. The group has been very active around the high school and in the community.

The Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education recently awarded Mrs. Carone a Star grant in the amount of $8,173 to cover the cost of acquiring 30 new stereo microscopes that come with halogen lighting. The devices will allow students to observe organisms on a smaller scale and help them gain a better understanding of the molecular world with more hands on activities, including looking at genetic varieties within fruit flies.

Gina Carone.
Huntington High School science teacher Gina Carone.

“Our current microscopes are considered outdated and the magnification power on four of them is insufficient,” Mrs. Carone said. “With the new science standards, classrooms require proper instruments and students could certainly benefit from the usage of stereoscopes to fully meet the state’s laboratory skill requirements.”

Huntington Foundation Star grants usually exceed $1,000 and have reached as high as $20,000-plus. They are awarded for projects that “fuel grade-wide, department-wide and school-wide initiatives that have a broad impact on students,” according to the application.

Mrs. Carone holds a BS degree in bioscience from Farmingdale State College and a Master of Arts in Teaching Biology from Stony Brook University. She worked at Briarcliff College in Patchogue and as a leave replacement teacher at Huntington High School before being approved for a full-time probationary appointment in the district.

“Mrs. Carone is an enthusiastic teacher who works diligently to assure that each of her students’ needs are met,” said department colleague Lori Kenny, who leads the high school’s science research program. “She has a dynamic personality and applying for and receiving this grant exemplifies how much dedication she has for student success.”

(Huntington junior Nolan Piccola, an intern in the high school science research program, contributed reporting to this story.)

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