Finley Honor Society members

Finley Inducts 92 into Junior National Honor Society

New Finley Honor Society members were happy following the ceremony.

May 25, 2017

The J. Taylor Finley Middle School National Junior Honor Society chapter inducted 92 current seventh graders into its ranks this past Monday night during a ceremony that featured many traditional rituals, including a candle lighting segment and member pledge.

Faculty advisor Amy Hughes was excited to bring dozens of new scholars into the organization’s ranks. Current honor society officers assisted during the ceremony. The incoming members were enthusiastic about joining a group that celebrates exceptional academic success. Proud parents took advantage of every opportunity to snap photos and applaud.

Finley Principal John Amato gave a short address, which was followed by the time-honored candle lighting ceremony and tapping of new members. The inductees received certificates and pins commemorating their achievement.

Principal John Amato
Principal John Amato presented certificates and pins to each of the new members.

“The seventh graders that were inducted are a bright and enthusiastic group of students,” Ms. Hughes said. “It was a pleasure to meet these new members and their families during the reception after the ceremony. I look forward to an exciting and service filled 2017/18 school year.” 

Mr. Amato called it an “exciting and well deserved evening” for the students and their families. The inductees have compiled outstanding academic records through elementary school and seventh grade. They will complete their community service, leadership and citizenship requirements as eighth graders.

The new inductees include Jack Alba, Sabeena Ali, Daniel Alzate, Manuel Aviles, Jr., Cianna Batts, Madelyn Bavaro, Matthew Beasley, Fiorella Benitez-Arevalo, Sarah Berry, Emma Brendel, Katie Browne, Jake Burton, Theadora Carnesi, Cassidy Casabona, Jazlyn Chapas-Olivia, Charlotte Cheshire, John Chirico, Caelan Clayton, Grace Colavecchio, Morgan Colleluori, Olivia Conte, Alex Cordeiro, Sydney Cordeiro, Kianna Criscuola, Luca D’Anna, Nicolas DiPietro, Finley Dunn, Molly Fallon, Erik Flores Reyes, Keira Francis, Alexander Frawley, Madeleine Gabriel, Emily Geller, Charles Girimonti, Caroline Gorecki, Theodore Gress, Lauren Holly, Alexis Kaloudis, Hannah Kaufman, Jasjeet Kaur, Noah Kimmelman, Sophia Knutson, James Kretschmer, Harrison Krywak and Alexandra Kustera.

Lauren Landolfi, Liam Lennon, Jillian Loturco, Christopher Maichin, Jean Marie Maleszewski, Victoria Mangan, Sofia Marchetta, Grace McCallion, Max McCarthy, Mackenzie McManus, Aidan McNulty, Shannon Milner, Fabiana Montenegro, Caitlin Murtagh, Ella Naima, Margo Nitekman, Jack O’Brien, Caroline O’Rourke, Luke Palios, Christian Palios, Tallula Pitti, Emily Plachta, Ryan Porzio, Ainsley Proctor, Allison Quinn, Luke Rinaldi, Emily Roberts, Mary Grace Rorke, Jackson Schmidt, Joseph Sclafani, Charlotte Simon, Abigail Simon, Robert Smith, Charlotte Soljanich, Brian Sosnowski, William Spada, Francesca Stamatatos, Henry Stein, Grace Stolfa, Theologos Tiliakos, Nathali Ulloa, Walter Vohs IV, Eliza Walther, William Weber, Erin Ye, Joshua Youngquist and Richard Zboray were also inducted during the ceremony.

Many eighth graders played roles in the ceremony. Matthew Fallon recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Chloe Wheeler sang the Star Spangled Banner. Bryan Wong provided welcoming remarks. Alexa Rind (scholarship), Thomas Rosselli (citizenship), Rebecca Hoffmann (service), Chloe Buffone (leadership) and Nathaniel Coulter (character) spoke about the organization’s ideals. Nina Drakulich and Taylor Case announced the names of the new members as certificates and pins were presented by Mr. Amato. Ryan Aguirre offered closing remarks.

The evening concluded in the school lobby with a variety of appealing snacks and refreshments. Parents and students chatted with one another and with Ms. Hughes, Mr. Amato and Superintendent James W. Polansky.

five pillars
Candles were lit for each of the five pillars of the honor society.
Principal John Amato
Principal John Amato presented certificates and pins to each of the new members.
Faculty advisor Amy Hughes
Faculty advisor Amy Hughes with some eighth grade honor society members.
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