Huntington Mathletes

Huntington Mathletes Feted at County Dinner

Huntington mathletes team members Jack Farrell, Miranda Nykolyn and Steve Yeh.

May 30, 2017

Huntington High School’s mathletes displayed impressive brainpower during the most recent season. The teenagers combined the thrill of competition with a love for learning and a desire to have a little bit of fun.

Huntington’s “A” team capped off another strong season by finishing in second place in its division. The squad consists of Steve Yeh, Miranda Nykolyn, Jack Farrell, David Sonin, Aidan Forbes and Sebastian Stamatatos. They are superbly talented teenagers and who have captured the attention of opposing teams and coaches across the county.

The Huntington math whiz kids recently participated in the Suffolk County Math Teachers Association’s Math League awards dinner at the Watermill in Smithtown.

Huntington’s second place division finish was recognized along with a special award for Mr. Yeh. The senior was honored one of Suffolk’s top scorers after correctly answering 20-out-of-30 questions during the season.

“As a team, we did a phenomenal job this season,” Mr. Yeh said. “I was honored to be awarded the county high scorer award. Throughout the year, we solved difficult word problems related to geometry, trigonometry, algebra and calculus after school in Mr. Mattis’ room once a week. The county dinner was great as we were able to celebrate our achievements.”

Huntington High School math teacher Keith Mattis coaches the mathletes on the 10-12th grade level. He earned a BA degree in math at SUNY Binghamton in 2004 and obtained a Master of Arts in Teaching at SUNY Stony Brook in 2007. He joined the district’s faculty in September 2007.

“Being in Mathletes has been such a great experience,” said Ms. Nykolyn, who is headed to Stanford University. “From answering interesting mathematical questions to thinking outside of the box, it has always been exciting to see what kinds of questions they throw at us. Mr. Mattis has been a terrific advisor by always helping us to learn different techniques and by traveling with us to different meets, including a competition at Suffolk Community College. The county dinner was an amazing way for us to cap off the year by getting recognized for our team’s effort and seeing other students from across Long Island in the math community that we actually recognized from previous math events.”

While Mr. Yeh (Cornell University) and Ms. Nykolyn (Stanford University) will soon be heading off to college, the rest of the math team will return next fall.

Keith Mattis
Huntington High School math teacher Keith Mattis.
Suffolk Math League
The Suffolk Math League dinner had tables adorned with math themed items.

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