Huntington's cafeterias serve countless meals daily in every building.

Huntington UFSD Seeks Input on Food Service Program

Huntington's cafeterias serve countless meals daily in every building.

November 1, 2017

The Huntington School District’s is continuing its campaign to upgrade its food service program by reaching out to students, staff and parents to complete a survey over the next two weeks.

Huntington UFSD and its food service management company consultant, Whitsons have been working closely together to improve the cafeteria experience for students on every grade level in all buildings.

Whitson's is asking for participation
in an online survey

“We are trying to get our home and school community more involved in what the food service program has to offer as well as receiving some feedback that can help improve our program,” Assistant Superintendent Kathleen Acker said. “I will be forming a Health and Wellness Committee in the spring and we will use the survey to put some future plans in place.”

Whitsons hopes the survey will produce input from across the district. It can be accessed 24/7 from November 1-15. Survey results will be used to guide the district as it moves forward with its plans.

The survey can be accessed directly by clicking on this hot link: .

Providing students with the best food service program possible is a priority of the Huntington School Board and district officials. Some recent developments include:

• New food items have been introduced into this year’s menu planning such as salads, low-fat organic vanilla yogurt and granola parfaits.
• New efforts are underway to educate students and parents about healthy food choices and staying active. Whitsons will be sharing a monthly newsletter called Smart Choices that will placed on the district website. 
• Special announcements will be made concerning monthly food tastings and themed lunch events.
• The current Nutrikids online system for parents has the ability to track food allergies. “If the parent provides the information, a student’s swipe card can be used to notify cashiers of food allergies,” Ms. Acker said. “A doctor’s note would be needed and the information would be added to Nutrikids. Additionally, cards are placed near the food items themselves indicating what allergies or medical conditions could be adversely effected by consuming the item. Additional food allergy information will be outlined on the monthly breakfast and lunch menus.” 

The district has been striving to serve the highest quality food possible. “There is limited used of processed foods,” Ms. Acker said.  “All items are antibiotic/hormone free, low-fat and low calorie where possible. Canned fruit is packed in water not syrup. This year there is an increase in the portions of the food items in the sandwiches.”  

An interactive PDF cafeteria menu is available on the district website. All food items on the menu are linked to a nutrition calculator.

Some of the basic tenets of Huntington UFSD’s food service program include:

• Serving milk that is rBGH free, fat-free or one-percent and does not contain high fructose corn syrup.
• Zero trans-fats used, unless thet are naturally occurring.
• Sourcing chickens that are raised without the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics.
• Serving chicken and pork products that are hormone free.
• Serving fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
• Sourcing dolphin safe tuna.
• Sourcing cage-free shelled eggs or pasture-raised when possible.
• Offering meals that are free from MSG, partially hydrogenated oils, artificial colors and flavors and/or preservatives and high fructose corn syrup.
• Serving yogurt that is 100 percent all natural or organic.
• Serving hummus that is organic and tahini free.
• Purchasing local products to support family farms and local economies and offering the freshest foods possible.

Contact Ms. Acker at [email protected] for more information about the food service program.

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