Huntington Football Seniors a Special Group

The Huntington football team's 17 senior players. (Mike Connell photo.)

November 3, 2017

The Huntington High School football team has once again reached the Suffolk playoffs. That’s due in no small measure to the sensational play of the squad’s 17 seniors, who have been determined to close out their Blue Devil gridiron careers in a special way.

The seniors include Brian Pierre, Aaron McQueen, Luke Eidle, Nat Amato, Alex LaBella, Sam Bergman, Colby Martin, Liam Boyle, Robert Meagher, Anthony McDonald, Michael Marziliano, Elay Galdamez, Shamek Parler, Clayton Jamison, William Perez, Treyvon Perkins and Arkim Pierre.

The Huntington football program is steeped in tradition. The team traces its beginnings to 1895. While the early teams included players from Huntington High School, they also featured those attending other schools or perhaps no school at all. They were, in essence, community teams. A devastating injury early in the 20th century effectively stopped the sport in its tracks locally for the next two decades.

A true Huntington High School football team began suiting up in 1924. It’s been a fall staple ever since. The Blue Devils have compiled a program record of 417-303-30 during 94 seasons of competition under nine different coaches, two of whom led the team for only one season each.

“We have a great group of seniors this season,” Huntington head coach Steve Muller said. “Many of them have been in the program since seventh grade while others joined us more recently. They’ve all given us all that they could and have all made contributions to our success. We are very proud to call them members of our Blue Devil football family.”

Football Seniors
The Blue Devil team captains with members of the coaching staff. (Mike Connell photo.)
Football Seniors
Huntington football team captains Sam Bergman, Luke Eidle, Clay Jamison and Anthony McDonald. (Mike Connell photo.)
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