Flower Hill Interim Principal Paula Nickerson with October's Star Students.

Flower Hill Principal Honors Star Students

Flower Hill Interim Principal Paula Nickerson with October's Star Students.

November 6, 2017

Flower Hill Primary School Interim Principal Paula Nickerson recently recognized a group of hardworking boys and girls with Star Student Awards for their exceptional effort and performance throughout the month of October.

Flower Hill teachers present Star Student Awards to recognize youngsters that have distinguished themselves. The honorees are given certificates and assembled together for a group photo that is affixed to a bulletin board near the school lobby.

October’s honorees include: Kindergarten: Elliot Lee,  Charlie Gordon, Elliot Greif, James Oppenheim; First grade: Ariana Ponce Ponce, Dominico Leotta, Jr., Tallulah Koepele, Luisa Mackey, Kevin Harris; Second grade: Michelle Calix Pineda, Matison Kindelmann, Katherine Bautista Medina, Angela Abbatiello; Third grade: Nica DiPietro, Chloe Gao, Gabriel Salinas; Fourth grade: Anna McCormick, Jiancarlo Ramirez, Karina Acevedo Ayala, Cristian Bonilla Mejia, Isabella Rodriguez.

* * *

Flower Hill Elementary School was erected in 1954 in response to a surge in enrollment experienced by the Huntington School District during the post-World War II era. Huge tracts of wooded land and farms were snatched up by developers who later erected hundreds of houses throughout the area.

The basic design and layout of Flower Hill closely mirrors that of its sister schools, Southdown and Washington. All three were simultaneously constructed, using identical materials. The Flower Hill site, which includes 14 acres of land, is tucked into a beautiful area of the school district, crammed with flowering trees.

As students poured into Huntington during the 1950’s, district trustees moved to address the space crunch by proposing an additional wing for Flower Hill. Residents supported the idea and the structure went up in 1958, resulting in the current dimensions.

Enrollment is currently 362 students. New Principal Lucia Laguarda will assume her post in November and provide faculty, students and staff with educational leadership and guidance.

Flower Hill features an attractive entrance area. The building’s exterior features classic red brick. A second parking lot was added in the past decade to better accommodate the needs of employees and parents visiting the school.

In addition to regular classrooms, Flower Hill contains space that is used for self-contained instruction, physical therapy, ENL services, computer instruction and art, reading and music classes. Smaller spaces are used for speech, math, occupational therapy, psychological services, remedial instruction and speech therapy.

The school also has a gym with a stage in one end, a cafeteria for breakfast and lunch and a well-equipped library/media center. There are two outdoor playground areas for student recreation and exercise.

The school’s original kindergarten playground was replaced in 2007 with modern equipment. An extravagant garden area was created behind the gym, between the building’s two wings. To descend into the basement, which is really just one large room, you must exit the building and utilize a separate entrance. It is used strictly for storage.

At one time or another, the school has housed students ranging from kindergarten through sixth grade. Today it services those in grades K-4, but next year will educate those in grades K-3.

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