Women's Empowerment group

New Women’s Empowerment Group Organizes at HHS

A new Women's Empowerment group has organized at Huntington High School.

November 14, 2017

An energetic group of Huntington High School students has been busy organizing a new women’s empowerment group.

Senior Charlotte Brosoff and junior Ariana Strieb are the founding co-presidents of the organization. While still in its formative days, the group hopes to eventually earn official club status at the high school. Science teacher Nicole Cooper has volunteered to serve as the faculty advisor.

“At the end of last year Ariana Strieb and I came up with the idea to start the interest group and we proposed the idea to Mr. Cusack,” Ms. Brosoff said. “He has provided us with nothing but support. With help from Ms. Cooper, we provide a safe space for girls (and boys if they choose) to come and share the issues they feel press our community. As a result of this group, more and more girls come and share what empowers them.”

In addition to Ms. Brosoff and Ms. Strieb, the organization’s executive board consists of vice president Sara Frawley, secretaries Anna Crockett and Casey Smith and social media coordinators Emma Grassi and Katherine DeGennaro. Molly Kessler and Josie Fasolino lead the group’s research team.

“I have always been a feminist and found purpose in spreading these ideals,” Ms. Strieb said. “I wanted to have an informational and productive environment at school where intersectional feminism could be taken seriously and make improvements. I am hoping to accomplish spreading knowledge about intersectional feminism throughout the high school’s diverse population as well as turn Huntington High School into a more educated and safe environment for women. It is going great so far. We have a secure group of people dedicated to the cause where we regularly have needed conversations about feminism, privilege and improvements we can make to our community.”

The group meets on Wednesday afternoons in Ms. Cooper’s classroom. Contact Ms. Cooper ([email protected]) for more information.

“Our goal is to welcome everyone and have everyone feel powerful with who they are, especially in times like these,” Ms. Brosoff said. “Ariana and I couldn’t be happier with the support from the administration and the attendance of students who have a passion for coming. Although the group is new, there has definitely been a positive impact on everyone already.”

Charlotte Brosoff
Huntington senior Charlotte Brosoff is founding co-president of the Women's Empowerment group at Huntington High School.
Ariana Strieb
Junior Ariana Strieb is founding co-president of the Women's Empowerment group at Huntington High School.
Nicole Cooper
Nicole Cooper is faculty advisor to the Women's Empowerment group.
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