Southdown School Celebrates October’s Stars

Southdown Principal Scott Oshrin with October's Award honorees.

November 14, 2017

Southdown Primary School has always liked to boast about its sensational students. Southdown has been trumpeting the accomplishments of the youngsters studying there since the building first opened on Browns Road in September 1954.

Southdown Principal Scott Oshrin and current faculty and support staff members are no different than their predecessors over the past 63 years in their desire to recognize a job well done. So the school community recently celebrated an outstanding group of students spread across grades K-4.

Southdown is the home of the dolphins, the school’s mascot. Students are awarded “splashes” for displaying positive behavior in the classroom and throughout the building.

One Southdown student is selected from each class in the building for formal recognition at the monthly “splash” assembly. The school considers these youngsters to be its “stars of the month.”

Students and teachers gathered in Southdown’s gymnasium for the monthly assembly, which always includes a tight focus. The most recent get-together centered on the school’s student council and the sensational young people that will be leading the organization throughout 2017/18 and some of the initiatives they have planned.

Teachers Pamela Schwarting and Lynn Hefele introduced the executive board members to the crowd. Vincent Pupillo has been elected president along with the Riley Uvena as vice president and Lexie Balm as secretary.

Southdown honored October’s stars at the recent assembly, including: Kindergarten: Vivienne Gormsen, Krystal Hernandez, Angel Rodriguez Contreras; First grade: Ariana Rivas, Abigail Byers, Jada Pacheco; Second grade: Carolina Villanueva, Julianna Miranda, Mackenzie McKay, Johan Escobar Reyes, August Finkel; Third grade: Joseph Perotti, Quinn Rinaldi, Anastacia Mennuto, Josue Villatoro Bonilla; Fourth grade: Jasmine Awuah, Kennedy Banner and Christopher Alfaro.

Southdown teacher aide Debbie Maixner was also recognized during the assembly. “Debbie is a team player and known for having a great personality,” Mr. Oshrin said. “She has an incredible ability to connect with children. It is a pleasure to work with her each and every day.”

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