Highsteppers wait to perform

Trustees Approve Highsteppers Trip to Nationals

The Highsteppers wait to perform last Saturday. (Mike Connell photo.)

September 14, 2017

The Huntington High School Highsteppers are planning a trip to the Dance Team Union Nationals at Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The Highsteppers are Huntington’s ultra-hip competitive dance team. They earned national honors last winter and are aiming for an even better finish in February 2018. Huntington School Board members approved the trip proposal this past Monday night during a public meeting.

Coached by Huntington High School business teacher Paige Tyree along Jessica Harris, the team includes freshmen Jailyn Fuentes, Katelin Smith, Alexa Rind, Hallie Armengau, Kate Sheran and Lainey Carney; sophomores Maria Fuertes, Bella Thompson, Livia D’Anna and Mia Redick; juniors Brooke Cafiero, Sophia LaCentra, Casey Smith and Kaitlyn Smith and seniors Charlotte Brosoff, Bethany Danziger, Casey Moskowitz, Sophia Ornato and Jamie Spector.

The Highsteppers are a Blue Devil
crowd favorite.(Mike Connell photo.)

The team’s senior captains are Casey Moskowitz, Jamie Spector and Bethany Danziger. Sophia LaCentra is the junior captain.

The Highsteppers performed at halftime of last Saturday’s Blue Devil varsity football team. Their sensational dance routine earned cheers from the crowd of about 500.

A Highsteppers performance is always a lively and fun affair. The dance team will be performing at halftime of three more Huntington varsity football games, including on Homecoming Day on Saturday, October 21. The Highsteppers will also perform during the high school’s fall pep rally and during the K-Factor talent show next winter.

“The team is coming together extremely well this year,” Ms. Danziger said. “I’m really proud of how hard everyone is working, especially the freshmen. As captains, we decided not to hold back with choreography. Instead, we challenged the team and everyone truly proved themselves at the first football game. We’re currently teaching the homecoming dance while also learning our competition dances. It’s taking a lot of hard work and patience, but everyone is putting in the effort which is making this year so successful. We’re all excited to show the school our new dance at the pep rally!”

In the run-up to the national championships, the Highsteppers will perform their routine at several regional competitions. The dancers are highly conditioned athletes that combine fluid movements with strength, speed, grace and gymnastic abilities. Their precise routines are exquisitely timed to the split second.

“The Highsteppers are coming together very nicely this year,” Ms. Moskowitz said. “We are a close knit group of girls who all love to dance. With pep rally and homecoming approaching, we are working extremely hard and super excited to showcase our dances.”

The Highsteppers plan to depart for the national championships on Friday, February 16 and return on Tuesday, February 20.

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