Huntington High School offers alternate ways of earning academic credit

Huntington Offers Alternate Ways of Earning Credit

Huntington High School offers alternate ways of earning academic credit

September 26, 2018

Huntington High School’s history of offering a free public education to the youth of the community is unmatched in New York State. The first graduating class of six earned diplomas in 1862. Since then tens of thousands of alumni have followed.

Education has come a long way since the Civil War era. The program offerings to Huntington High School students today can go toe-to-toe with those of any other high school in the country. Huntington graduates continue to gain admission to the top colleges and universities in the country, as well as the US military academies and even foreign universities.

Consistent with New York State Education Department Part 100.5 regulations, Huntington High School students have an opportunity to earn a maximum of 6½ units of credit toward a local or Regents diploma without completing units of study.

“Eligibility is based on the student’s past academic performance, attendance at school, achieving a score of at least 85 percent on a Regents exam or its equivalent, and passing an oral examination or special project to demonstrate proficiency,” according to Huntington’s 2018/19 curriculum guide. “A written request must be submitted by the student/parent. Further information can be obtained by contacting the student’s school counselor.”

Huntington students who challenge an Advanced Placement exam and earn a score of 4 or 5 may earn up to one credit for that course. The student will receive a grade of “P.”

For more information on alternate ways of earning credit contact Kitty Klein ([email protected]), district director of guidance and testing, K-12.