Huntington senior Rachel Moss has announced she will be attending Cornell University

H-ton Senior Rachel Moss Chooses Cornell University

Huntington senior Rachel Moss has announced she will be attending Cornell University.

April 17, 2018

Rachel Moss is headed to Cornell University and the Ivy League. The Huntington High School senior has come a long way since her first day of kindergarten as a five year old at Washington School, but her success hasn’t surprised any of her teachers or classmates. They’ve always admired her sharp intellect, work ethic and kind nature.

“When I visited Cornell last April, I instantly knew it was the place for me,” Ms. Moss said. “Not only is the campus absolutely beautiful, it also provides the ideal atmosphere for me to solidify my passion for medicine. I was admitted to the College of Human Ecology and plan on majoring in human biology, health and society. I look forward to being a part of such a talented and diverse student body. I know that I will constantly be pushed to do my best by peers and professors, while also being able to work collaboratively.”

The Huntington senior also considered the University of Rochester, before making her final decision. “Both offered fantastic undergraduate opportunities, but ultimately I chose Cornell, as I truly believe it will allow me to grow the most as a college student and continually broaden my academic horizons.”

Huntington High School senior Rachel Moss.
Huntington High School senior Rachel Moss.

Ms. Moss began her educational trek through the Huntington School District in teacher Doreen Ellis’ kindergarten class at Washington School. She was particularly close to second grade teacher Patricia Maltempo, who retired last June. All of her teachers, coaches and advisors along the way have taken a liking to her and are excited about her future.

The teenager’s senior year academic schedule includes Advanced Placement Chemistry, AP Calculus BC, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Literature and Composition, AP Studio Art and Project Adventure.

Will pursue pre-med studies at Cornell

“I intend to pursue a pre-med track at Cornell and eventually continue on to medical school,” Ms. Moss aid. “I’m still uncertain of what field of medicine I will focus on, but I know I have plenty of time to decide. After shadowing a doctor in Huntington for the past two months though, I am more convinced than ever that this is the right path for me.”

If any senior has made every minute of high school count it’s Ms. Moss. She’s participated in numerous science-related initiatives, including Science Olympiad, Envirothon and Science Bowl. In the Science Olympiad she captured first place honors in ecology, eighth place in remote sensing and tenth place in “write it; do it” at the regional competition.

“Envirothon in particular has taught me so much about the environment and what we can do to make a difference,” Ms. Moss said. “It has allowed me to work with an incredible group of people who have become some of my best friends.”

Ms. Moss and her inner circle are fiercely loyal to one another. “Rachel has been one of my closest friends for a number of years,” junior Christiana DeLuca said. “It’s so exciting to see her going to such a great school, especially knowing that she is such a hardworking student who will definitely thrive in the Cornell environment.”

Vice president and a founding member of the high school’s Environmental Club, Ms. Moss has also been a Relay For Life planning committee member in each of the past four years and has been the luminaria chairperson for the last two years.

“Hardworking, dedicated and passionate”

President of Huntington’s Science National Honor Society chapter, vice president of the Math Honor Society and secretary of the National Honor Society, Ms. Moss has also been inducted into the English Honor Society and the Art Honor Society.

A member of the Huntington Foundation for Excellence in Education’s Youth Board, Ms. Moss is a member of the high school’s Habitat for Humanity chapter and traveled with the group to New Orleans as a sophomore.

Ms. Moss has played on the Blue Devil volleyball team throughout high school. She even served as a volunteer coach with the Finley Middle School boys’ volleyball squad this past winter.

“Rachel is one of the most hardworking, dedicated and passionate people I know,” junior Noah Morris said. “Her devotion to all of the clubs she participates in, such as Environmental Club, Relay For Life and Science National Honor Society exceeds beyond most other people. She is extremely bright and loves learning new concepts, whether it’s in class or through her internships. Rachel’s future at Cornell is sure to be a great experience that furthers her love for knowledge and sets her on a path towards a rewarding career.”

The senior has found something to like in all of her courses. Ms. Moss always manages to walk away from class a little more knowledgeable about a topic. When asked to choose her favorite courses and teachers, she finds it difficult.

“Mrs. [Kristin] Singer’s Drawing and Painting classes have always provided a relaxing and enjoyable break from my busy course load,” Ms. Moss said. “She has also been tremendously supportive of me during all four years of high school and especially throughout my senior year and the application process. Mrs. [Deborah] Beck and Mrs. [Patricia] Avelli have also stood out as two of my favorite teachers. AP Bio provided me with the perfect basis for career exploration. It truly reassured me of my love for science and Mrs. Beck made the entire process intriguing and enjoyable. Additionally, Pre-Calculus BC was the first math class that truly challenged me, so I am beyond thankful for Mrs. Avelli’s constant support. I wouldn’t have done nearly as well if it wasn’t for her.”

“He left such a positive impact on everyone”

The teenager has enjoyed an incredible four year run through high school with a long list of memorable moments. “Becoming close to Eli [Mollineaux] is something that will always stand out in my memories of Huntington High School,” Ms. Moss said. “Thanks to Mrs. [Ilene] Messina, I was introduced to Eli during my sophomore year and spent just about all of my time in art and lunch with him. He left such a positive impact on everyone he interacted with and will forever be remembered as a source of happiness by our entire community. He influenced my character, my values and even my career goals more than I could have ever imagined.”

With about two months remaining as a high school senior, the teenager has been thinking about some of the special memories she will leave with as she prepares to head to Cornell in the fall.

“I think Relay For Life truly exemplifies Huntington’s strong sense of community,” Ms. Moss said. “Watching our school and town come together for such an important cause year after year is something I will always remember and appreciate.

The senior will always remember her hometown and the years she spent in the district. “Overall, my time at Huntington has been unforgettable,” Ms. Moss said. “I have met so many amazing students and teachers and have been exposed to such a wide variety of valuable opportunities.”


Rachel Moss with the unforgetable Eli Mollineaux at Blue Devil Field.
Rachel Moss with the unforgetable Eli Mollineaux at Blue Devil Field.
Rachel Moss and Noah Morris proudly display their Sciennce Olympiad medals.
Rachel Moss and Noah Morris proudly display their Sciennce Olympiad medals.
Rachel Moss (second from right) with fellow Envirothon team members.
Rachel Moss (second from right) with fellow Envirothon team members.