Jefferson School's Featured Artists of the Month for April with teacher Maria Mazzola.

Jefferson’s Artists Display Flair & Creativity

Jefferson School's Featured Artists of the Month for April with teacher Maria Mazzola.

April 23, 2018

The youngsters at Jefferson Primary School have a degree of artistic flair and creativity that few can match anywhere.

Jefferson students have always loved heading down the hallway to the art room for a 40 minute class. Regardless of the day’s lesson and activity, they eat it up and are sad to hear the teacher announce the period will soon be ending. As soon as one class concludes, the kids start thinking about the next one.

Maria Mazzola is Jefferson’s art teacher. She’s been a member of Huntington UFSD’s faculty for more than three decades. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in art education K-12 at St. John’s University and a Master of Art degree in studio art at Adelphi University.

When she’s not teaching her classes in Huntington, Mrs. Mazzola keeps busy pursuing other artistic endeavors. For example, she’s worked in the Lu-Hi summer camp program for the past six years, teaching arts and crats. She also enjoys creating polymer clay jewelry and various arts and crats and selling the goods at craft fairs around Long Island.

Several years ago, Ms. Mazzola began the “Featured Artist of the Month” achievement award program at Jefferson and at Washington Primary School, where she also teaches. The monthly initiative highlights outstanding young artists in every class in the building.

April’s featured artists at Jefferson include Saira Amin, Byron Araujo Yanes, Michael Contreras Moreira, Chloe Donovan, Luca Garcia, David Hernandez Garcia, Juliet Johnson, Ethan Karaptis, Liam Lavertu, Daniela Lopez Romero, Elliot Manu, Emma Mortensen, Anthony Rivera, Allison Rodriguez Iraheta, Loreen Rodriguez Ulloa and Marco Antonio Salas.

The exceptional young artists were presented with medallions hanging on red, white and blue ribbons. The group was assembled in the main lobby for a photo with Mrs. Mazzola. Their artwork is being displayed in that same area.


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