Colgate University is regarded as one of the finest colleges in the country.

Huntington Senior Katarina Obermaier Chooses Colgate

Colgate University is regarded as one of the finest colleges in the country.

April 26, 2018

Katarina Obermaier is headed to one of the best colleges in the country. The Huntington High School senior plans to attend Colgate University in upstate Hamilton, New York. It seems to be a perfect match.

One of the top members of Huntington’s Class of 2018, Ms. Obermaier has compiled an enviable academic record over the past four years. She has excelled in every discipline and earned the respect and affection of her teachers and classmates.

Huntington High School senior Katarina Obermaier.
Huntington High School senior Katarina Obermaier.

“The Colgate campus is beautiful, like the setting of a movie,” Ms. Obermaier said. “Colgate has rigorous academics, small class sizes, a strong alumni network and a great record for launching students into successful careers after graduation. I look forward to having meaningful interaction with professors and advisors that a small class size will grant me. I also want a liberal arts education that is broad and applicable to any career I find myself pursuing. I am interested in studying cognitive science and behavioral economics with some math classes mixed in.”

Heart is set on Colgate

The teenager was also accepted to Hamilton College, Lafayette College and Binghamton University, but her heart has been set on Colgate for some time.

“I am fascinated by what makes people who they are and what influences what they do,” Ms. Obermaier said. “I have spent time volunteering for our district’s special education summer program and for an inclusion class at Woodhull Intermediate School. The National Honor Society also paired me with a first grader who I tutor in reading. I plan to pursue my interests in cognitive science and behavioral economics. I also want to continue to study math and art. I know what I want to do in life, I just don’t have an exact label for it yet. But I know Huntington has well prepared me to discover what that may be.”

Ms. Obermaier’s senior year academic schedule includes Advanced Placement Environmental Science, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Calculus BC, Journalism, Mystery Literature, Band and Forensics. She’s also spending two periods per day off the high school campus at Woodhull Intermediate School in a credit bearing internship supervised by Assistant Principal Jarrett Stein. The teenager is working with the “amazing kids” in the class of teachers Jason Rind and Elaine McKeown.

“My safety net”

“I am not one to choose favorites, as I have learned a great deal from all of my teachers,” Ms. Obermaier said. “If I were to single out a few, Mrs. [Kristin] Singer has always been my safety net at the high school. The art room is always a stress free environment where I can relax, create and escape from classes. I will always be grateful for Mrs. [Patricia] Avelli’s gift of getting me through pre-calc, Mrs. [Monica] Racz’s teaching of ‘beautiful math’ and encouraging ‘synapses through spin moves,’ Mr. [James] Graber using humor to make the connection between economics and behavior, Mrs. [Nicole] Cooper’s passion and enthusiasm for everything environmental, Mrs. [Elizabeth] Cassaza’s ability to connect and Mr. Rind and Mrs. McKeown for trusting me with their students. I would have included Mr. [Brian] Stellato and Mr. [Jason] Giachetti in this list, but marching band is more than a class, it has been an extension of my family.”

Treasurer of National Honor Society

Ms. Obermaier is a five-year member of the Blue Devil marching band. Treasurer of the National Honor Society and the tutoring coordinator of the Math Honor Society, she’s also a member of the English, Social Studies and Art Honor Societies.

The teenager is a Natural Helper and a member of the yearbook club and Key Club. She volunteers with Huntington’s Habitat for Humanity chapter and is the treasurer of the environmental club. She even captained the JV softball team.

Winning the New York State marching band championship in Syracuse will always be a highlight of Ms. Obermaier’s time in Huntington. “The relationships I have formed will last for many years after high school,” she said. “I have grown as a person through my experiences with the softball team, fencing team and Natural Helpers. My favorite times at the high school will always be in the art rooms, with all the creativity, laughter and friendships I made with my fellow artists. Being named ‘Most Intellectual’ by my peers has been the cherry on top of my high school experience.”

Huntington provided extraordinary opportunities

Colgate University’s gorgeous campus consists of 575 acres in Hamilton Village in Madison County. Regarded as one of the finest liberal arts colleges in America, the school boasts 55 undergraduate majors that culminate in a bachelor’s degree. Considering Ms. Obermaier’s high-powered intellect, she should have no problem transitioning from high school to college.

“Huntington High School has given me the independence and flexibility to grow as a student,” Ms. Obermaier said. “The opportunities I have received are extraordinary. My parents always say that they had ‘nothing like this when we went to high school.’ Marching band, art classes, electives, softball, clubs and honor societies have provided me with more experiences than I could have gotten anywhere else. I will never forget those who have helped me through my classes, my friends who have been with me since the beginning and the leadership skills I will use for the rest of my life. With our high school, the sky is the limit.”

Katarina Obermaier (second from left in back) with fellow marching band section members. (Darin Reed photo.)
Katarina Obermaier (second from left in back) with fellow marching band section members. (Darin Reed photo.)
Colgate University has one of the most picturesque campuses in the United States
Colgate University has one of the most picturesque campuses in the United States .
Katarina Obermaier in Ireland with Jamie Rosenbauer.
Katarina Obermaier in Ireland with Jamie Rosenbauer. .
Katarina Obermaier (right) with her fellow Math Honor Society officers.
Katarina Obermaier (right) with her fellow Math Honor Society officers..

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