FIDM is one of the top fashion schools in the world.

H-ton Senior Bridgette Starr Chooses FIDM in LA

FIDM is one of the top fashion schools in the world.

April 27, 2018

Bridgette Starr’s last name is exquisitely fitting for the dynamic Huntington High School senior. The teenager really is a star. She’s headed to Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles next fall and every single one of her classmates and teachers believe she is destined to make it big.

Ms. Starr has an adventurous side to her personality. She’s also a young woman who clearly knows what she wants.

Huntington High School senior Bridgette Starr.
Huntington High School senior Bridgette Starr.

“Ever since seventh grade, I’ve had an infatuation with the west coast because it was miles away and unknown to my 12 year old self,” Ms. Starr said. “For many, the unknown is scary, but to me it has always been exhilarating. Leaving what you know so well behind may be scary to some, but I am ready for a new turf and the next chapter of my life. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising has been my first choice school for a while now, but it wasn’t until I stepped on campus that I knew I belonged there. The staff at the school is very encouraging and push their students to do the best they can.”

Founded in 1969 with two downtown LA classrooms, FIDM has grown to four campuses with an enrollment of 4,200 and almost 65,000 graduates across the world. “Our driving force has been to stay focused on our goal: to create an educational environment that fuses student desires with career realities,” states the college’s website. “We’re always thinking about how we can adapt and expand to meet the challenges ahead.”

FIDM offers associate, bachelor and master degree programs in design and creative business.

“Our students collaborate on special industry partner projects with brands like Nike, Murad, Athleta, Signal Snowboards, Lacoste, GUESS, and TOMS,” according to the college’s website. “Part-time work and internships with companies like J Brand Jeans, Stila, Topshop, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret and Adidas are an integral part of the curriculum. Our faculty are talented industry professionals who bring their experience and connections into the classroom, creating a dynamic, career-focused learning environment.”

Fashion is a form of outward expression

Everyone around Huntington High School is well-aware of Ms. Starr’s interest in the fashion industry. “Fashion to me is so much more than following a trend, it’s a form of outward expression that has helped me grow as a person,” she said. “From learning to sew at a young age, fashion has always been a second nature to me. My small business, ReconstructionBC that began during my junior year has helped me invent my own style and realize that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. For the next four years I will be majoring in fashion design. I wish to have my own company one day.”

The senior possesses enormous drive and determination and no one is about to bet against Ms. Starr accomplishing all of her goals.

“I’ve known Bridgette since Flower Hill Primary School,” classmate and business partner Christina Nigro said. “She has truly grown so much as a person since our childhood. I am so lucky to have had the experience of growing up together and eventually to work together on our business. Bridgette is a hard worker who is passionate about what she does. I am so excited for her success in the future and glad I could be part of a small portion of it.”

Ms. Starr has developed close relationships with several high school faculty members. “Mr. [Robert] Gilmor has been one of the many faculty members along with all my art teachers who have always encouraged me to do my best; pushing me to work to my highest ability and never giving up even through tough situations,” she said.

A kind soul

The teenager’s close friends are a remarkably loyal group. “Bridgette has been a really good friend of mine since sixth grade and she’s always been caring to everyone,” junior and close friend Colette Barron said. “Every time she finds something that she’s passionate about she puts all of her time and energy into it. It has been her dream to attend FIDM and pursue fashion and I am so proud that she will be in an element where she is doing what she loves. I’ve always seen her treat everyone with respect and offer help to anyone who needs it. As her teammate during cross country and track, she has always enjoyed having a tight bond with her teammates and making them all feel special. I’m so glad that Bridgette has reached her goal of attending FIDM and I know her creative and kind nature will take her far in life.”

Ms. Starr is a kind soul. She displays a friendly, outgoing personality that has helped make her popular around the high school.

“Bridgette Starr is my best friend and she never stops amazing me with her talents,” senior and close friend Alexandra McKenzie said. “She is creative, courageous and truly outstanding. Her passion for fashion will take her places. I hope to one day see her designs in stores!”

Inspiration for the future

Ms. Starr has been involved in a credit bearing internship since last September. “My internship has been a big part of my senior year,” she said. “Working at the Interthread Embroidery shop has been something I look forward to every week,” the teenager said. “My mentor, Maryann DeSimone has taught me so much, from learning how to do inventory to using the embroidery machine for the production of apparel. I’ve gained more perspective on running a business as well as inspiration for the future.”

Ms. Starr’s closest friends are her biggest fans. “Bridgette has always shown determination toward everything she sets her mind to,” senior and close friend Sarah White said. “Her creative ability has been evident since the day I met her; from her unique and stylish outfits to the successful clothing business she started with her friend. Fashion has been something she’s been inspired by and I know as she ventures out to California, she’ll be successful in everything she does.”

While Ms. Starr will be heading to LA in a few months, Huntington will never be very far from her heart.

“I will never forget all the teachers and students who always believed in me no matter what,” Ms. Starr said. “My experience at Huntington High School will be something I never forget. I’ve made friendship here that I know will last a lifetime.”

Bridgette Starr already feels at home on the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising campus.
Bridgette Starr already feels at home on the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising campus.
Christina Nigro and Bridgette Starr own a fashion company.
Christina Nigro and Bridgette Starr own a fashion company.
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising is located in the heart of Los Angeles.
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising is located in the heart of Los Angeles.
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