Huntington High School senior Jack Langton.

Jack Langton Enjoys a Splendid Huntington Experience

Huntington High School senior Jack Langton.

December 7, 2018

Jack Langton doesn’t believe in coasting through his senior year. The Huntington High School Class of 2019 member has a full slate of challenging classes and he’s signed onto a handful of extracurricular activities that interest him and he preps to move on with his education next fall and pursue his career goals.

The teenager has traveled to Ireland and is looking forward to another trip to Peru in the spring. Mr. Langton leads a well-balanced life, dabbling in a little bit of everything and along the way impressing folks of all ages

Mr. Langton played on the Blue Devil varsity soccer team this past fall and he’s also involved in Huntington’s Habitat for Humanity chapter. He’s a member of the high school’s Math Honor Society.

The senior’s academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement Physics, AP Calculus, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Micro/Macro Economics, Spanish, Science Research, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

Mr. Langton’s closest friends include Jack Stewart, Ariana Strieb, Terrel Cox, Christiana DeLuca and Danny Arias.

“Jack is one of the funniest and smartest people,” Ms. Strieb said. “He always makes me laugh no matter what and puts me in a good mood. I always love hearing his view on different issues; it’s always so interesting and well thought out.”

Mr. Langton and his friends enjoy spending time with one another. They are a great group of young people and are all high achievers.

“Jack is truly a well-rounded student, not only being a fantastic athlete, but also excelling in the difficult Advanced Placement classes he takes,” Ms. DeLuca said.

The teenager finds it difficult to single out his favorite faculty members. “All my teachers have been great,” Mr. Langton said. When pressed the senior named social studies teacher Camille Tedeschi and science teacher Matthew Liguori as those he is particularly fond of after working closely with them during high school.

“Jack is an awesome young man with a lot to offer our school and the world,” Ms. Tedeschi said. “He was so much fun to teach with his laid-back personality and sense of humor. He worked very hard in the classes I taught him in, but it wasn’t until we traveled to Ireland together that I really got to know Jack. We always had a lot of fun together in class. We would joke around often and I was always impressed by his desire to learn world history. He has grown to become one of my favorite students and I look forward to climbing Machu Picchu with him in the spring.”

The senior is currently in the process of determining which college he will be attending next fall.

Looking back to his earliest days as a kindergartner at Southdown Primary School and tracing his route across Huntington UFSD, Mr. Langton is pleased with how his run through a series of buildings has unfolded.

“I don’t think I could have gotten the same experience anywhere else,” Mr. Langton said. “All the teachers are great and the kids are passionate.”