December Citizens of the Month

Jefferson School Students Keep Heads Held High

Jefferson Primary School's December Citizens of the Month.

January 2, 2018

Jefferson Primary School’s students have always kept their heads held high. The youngsters filling the building have traditionally taken pride in their work and this year’s student body is no different than its predecessors.

As 350 Jefferson students and dozens of faculty of staff members head into 2018, the school year is moving along quite smoothly. Students spread across grades K-4 are working hard. Nearly all of them have built sturdy bonds with their teachers and the aides and monitors who provide support services.

Principal Valerie Capitulo-Saide took time before the recent vacation to honor an especially noteworthy group of students who garnered Citizen of the Month awards.

The honorees included Nathaly Alfaro, Blake Bender, Michael Contreras Moreira, Yanixa Garcia, Esther Gershuny, Adetola Gold, Alexis Haas, Jake Kiernan, Miranda Kinkcaid, Anthony Naborre, Delmys Ramos, Logan Ranft, Clarissa Marcelino-LaQua, Lyric Martin, Evan Morgan, Heydi Rodriguez Hernandez, Duntrell Strickland, Jordan Thornell and Elder Vigil-Ordonez.

“They demonstrated safety, respect and responsibility,” said Ms. Capitulo-Saide about the award recipients. The principal posed for a commemorative photo with the group in the school gymnasium. Each of the youngsters was presented with a handsome certificate to bring home to their loved ones.

With the winter recess over, students are back doing their best and hoping they will be among the fortunate ones who capture a January Citizen of the Month Award.