Huntington High School Swings Smoothly into 2018

Huntington High School will be bursting with activity in 2018. (Darin Reed photo.)

January 9, 2018

Huntington High School entered 2018 in smooth fashion as students, teachers and support staff members went about their business around the building without missing a step.

“Huntington High School is abuzz with activity as the New Year unfolds, despite the cold temperatures,” Principal Brenden Cusack said. “We have many events to look forward to over the course of the next six months. Of course, at this time of year, testing starts to take center stage with midterms and Regents taking place at the end of January. Review sessions are already underway in preparation for Regents exams in every subject area.”

Huntington High School Principal Brenden Cusack.
Huntington High School Principal
Brenden Cusack.

The high school is a building that hardly ever really sleeps, with activities beginning early each morning and stretching late into the night. “On January 10, we’ll welcome our soon-to-be freshmen at our annual open house, where eighth-grade students and their parents will be given an opportunity to tour the building and learn about departmental and extracurricular offerings here at the high school,” Mr. Cusack said. 

Dozens of clubs are kicking into high gear and individual department initiatives are also continuing unabated. “Some of our upcoming events include National History Day, K-Factor talent show, the drama club’s musical, Distinguished Seniors dinner, district art show, Relay For Life, prom and, of course, graduation,” Mr. Cusack said. 

With more than 1,500 students spread across grades 9-12, Huntington High School is a good sized community unto itself. Interests in the building run the gamut, with students and teachers working closely together on countless projects in every discipline.

“Huntington High School is truly a very busy and vibrant place where there’s always something for everyone,” Mr. Cusack said. 

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