Flower Hill Spotlights Award Winning Students

Flower Hill Principal Lucia Laguarda with Star Student Award recipients.

January 16, 2018

Flower Hill Primary School stood tall last week, presenting its coveted Star Student Awards to a group of highly motivated youngsters spread across grades K-4.

The ceremony marked the first time new Flower Hill Principal Lucia Laguarda had an opportunity to present the special monthly honor to students in the building. She took delight in the privilege, individually congratulating each of the boys and girls, who were presented with certificates that are sure to be hanging on many refrigerators at home right now.

The honorees include:

Kindergarten: Briana Marquez Granados, John Dello-Iacono, James Molina Tax, Juliette Creegan, Luke Shanley, Justin Escobar Alvarez; First grade: Hunter Kline, Andrea Rivera Rivera, Anne-Myriam Excellent-Mesidor, Manny Ramirez, Harper Cohn, Gianna Parides; Second grade: Kevin Diaz Portillo, Karly Maldonado, Bryce Gilroy, Lily Greif, Kieran Fox, Mason Crousillat; Third grade: Gannon Johnson, Mya Mori, Brady LaCosta, Kaci Caceres; Fourth grade: Mozhar Durand, Nina Gonzalez, Isabella Palacios, Miller Polak, Elizabeth Sheran, Andrew Guandique.

Once the names of the award recipients were announced over Flower Hill’s public address system and the youngsters had marched down to the main lobby and received their certificates, members of the group were assembled for a photo with Ms. Laguarda.

“We have so many enthusiastic and hardworking students in the building,” Ms. Laguarda said. “It was wonderful to be able to recognize more than two dozen of them.”

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