Huntington Math Honor Society members tutored 67 students prepping for various Regents exams

HHS Math Honor Society Hosts Regents Review Night

Huntington Math Honor Society members tutored 67 students prepping for various Regents exams

June 11, 2018

It’s always fascinating to watch events unfold at the Huntington High School Math Honor Society’s Regents review night.

The annual initiative features teenagers helping teenagers. This year’s session drew 67 students who were in various stages of preparing for the Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 Regents exams. The Math Honor Society supplied 23 tutors, who wasted little time rolling up their sleeves and getting down to work. The group toiled for two hours without a break.

“The tutors not only gave assistance in math, but also gave their peers guidance on studying techniques they have used in the past that have been successful for them,” said teacher Monica Racz, who serves as the Math Honor Society’s faculty advisor. 

Tutors included Katerina Obermaier, Jamie Rosenbauer, Katharine Kitzen, Jackson Pitti, Zach McGuinness, Isabella McGuiness, Charlie Sze, Aidan Forbes, Sam Roberts, Matthew Quinn, Amelia Reilly, Nat Amato, Rachel Moss, Aidan McCooey, Peter Ciccone, Sam Bergman, Arashdeep Singh, Jack Langton, Nathan Gamboa, Katie Stock, Tyler Abedin, Nicole Arenth and Mathew Hearl. 

“I am extremely grateful to my colleagues Trish Avelli, Kara Horn and JoAnn Ferazi for donating their time to assist in supervising this event,” Mrs. Racz said. “I am extremely proud of all our students as they demonstrated a strong work ethic; working hard for the entire two hours. There were no breaks and their brains were working in overdrive.” 

To be eligible for membership in the Math Honor Society students must be enrolled in a math class higher than Algebra 2 Trigonometry, have a minimum un-weighted average of 90 in previous math courses and have at least an 85 average in the first quarter of their pre-calculus (or higher) math class.

The group is led by executive board officers Aidan Forbes (president), Rachel Moss (vice-president), Jamie Rosenbauer (secretary), Sebastian Stamatatos (treasurer) and Katarina Obermaier (tutoring coordinator). Each of the student leaders attended to various duties during the induction ceremony.

The participating Math Honor Society members thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to help fellow high school students and clear up questions they might have prior to sitting for the Regents exams. When the session was over, the tutors were thoroughly exhausted. “This was harder than taking an AP exam,” Ms. Moss said. 

Participating Math Honor Society members were able to choose the math course they felt most comfortable with and facilitate a review session to give students more confidence on their upcoming Regents exams and to answer any last-minute questions.

“I wish it would be possible to do this more often as the students got so much out of it,” Mrs. Racz said.

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