Flower Hill School's Star Student Award recipients for February.

Flower Hill School Celebrates its Stars

Flower Hill School's Star Student Award recipients for February.

March 9, 2018

Flower Hill Primary School celebrated more than two dozen outstanding youngsters during a ceremony this week that recognized its February Star Student Award recipients.

The students came from every classroom in the building, spanning from kindergarten to fourth grade. Teachers and support staff members recommended the youngsters for special honors. The award winners displayed commendable characteristics throughout the month, including an enviable work ethic, respect for others, kindness toward their classmates and energetic efforts all around the building.

Flower Hill’s stars include:

Kindergarten: John Pinto, Sofia Tineo, Sydney Amar, William Dease, Victor Avila Fugon,
First grade: Gavin Kline, MaGloire Henris, Thiago Yang Hernandez, Olivia Corcoran, Josiah Davis, Fiona Gao
Second grade: Joey Herman, Brett Wilson, Daniel Palacios Jimenez, Courtney Carter, Doris Castillo Molina, Bryanna Chavez Valencia, Asani Ingram,
Third grade: Cassandra Guevara Jandres, Sophie Hoffman, Angie Maldonado Maldonado
Fourth grade: Erika Hernandez-Veliz, Mildred Hernandez-Veliz, Daniela Garcia, Danna Garcia Martinez, Shannon Koepele

The entire class of fourth grade teacher Brenda McManus was recognized as February’s Star Class Award recipient.

Flower Hill is enjoying a great year. New Principal Lucia Laguarda has been on the scene since December 1 and in a short time was able to get know all the teachers, support staff members and students and hundreds of parents, too.


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