Math Night at Washington School Attracts Crowd

Math Night provided an hour of pure fun for Washington Primary School students.

March 15, 2018

Who would have ever thought that math could be so popular? A big crowd turned out for Washington Primary School’s fifth annual Math Night. The evening saw students spread across every grade level move through various learning stations that kept their interest running high.

“This was a fun night of math activities for our students and their parents in grades K-4,” said Christine Lofaro, Washington’s math teacher who helped coordinate the event. About 75 students accompanied by one or more of their parents participated in the hour-long initiative, which utilized many of the school’s classrooms and the library.

About 15 Washington teachers helped lead students in the classroom activities. The evening was an initiative of the school’s Shared Decision Making Committee. “We had a wonderful turnout of students, parents and teachers,” Principal Marsha Neville said. “It was fun to see our students so excited about math. Our students discovered anew that math really can be fun.”

The evening saw participants rotating through several hands-on math stations that included activities related to technology, fluency and solving real world math problems.

“The goal of Math Night was to engage students and parents in fun math activities,” Mrs. Lofaro said. “I believe the Washington staff achieved this goal.”

Each student rotated through three separate activity stations over the course of one hour. “Math night was a wonderful opportunity for parents to participate in various math activities with their children,” Mrs. Lofaro said. “It was a huge success.”

The event coincided with the school’s science fair and the PTA book fair. Before heading off to rooms for the start of the evening’s math festivities, students and parents reviewed dozens of science projects s

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