Case Western University is located in Cleveland, Ohio

H-ton Senior Katharine Kitzen Chooses Case Western

Case Western University is located in Cleveland, Ohio

May 3, 2018

Katharine Kitzen is a practical young woman. The Huntington High School senior is known for making level-headed choices that make sense. The teenager’s decision to attend Case Western Reserve University in the fall is a perfect example of what makes her one of the most thoughtful members of the Class of 2018.

“Case Western is located right in the heart of Cleveland, allowing me to immerse myself in a wide variety of activities,” Ms. Kitzen said. “I knew it was the school for me when I walked on campus and found myself surrounded by so much art and natural beauty. From a young age, my parents introduced me to art and it’s become a passion of mine. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Museum of Natural History, Botanical Gardens, Museum of Contemporary Art and Severance Symphony Hall can all be found right on campus; with the occasional classes being held in them. The location is ideal for cultural immersion and sports arenas are only minutes away on the rail system. Not to mention, all the diverse restaurants and Little Italy being just around the corner. I’m sure to expand my palate and continue my love for food.”

Will study business and applied math

Huntington High School senior Katharine Kitzen
Huntington High School senior Katharine Kitzen.

Ms. Kitzen is interested in studying business and applied mathematics. “Case has a single-door admission policy; once you’re admitted you can explore the university’s entire catalog of academic offerings across the schools of engineering, nursing and management as well as the College of Arts and Sciences. Being at a research university allows me to work more closely with faculty, along with plenty of opportunities for internships due to its central location in a city. The possibilities are endless.”

Prior to committing to Case Western, Ms. Kitzen considered High Point University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Villanova University and the University of California-Santa Barbara.

A member of the Blue Devil marching band since seventh grade, Ms. Kitzen was the flute section leader as a senior. A four-year member of Huntington’s Habitat for Humanity chapter, the teenager has also been a mainstay in the high school’s Relay For Life initiative, serving as a team captain and as a member of the event’s organizing committee.

Mr. Kitzen’s senior year academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement Physics AP Government and Politics, Economics, Pre-Calculus AB Honors, Bible as Literature, Humanities and Senior Competitive Band Honors.

Career plans include Wall Street

“My career interests lean toward business, finance and the stock market,” Ms. Kitzen said. “Case allows me to pursue internships on Wall Street, placing me on the right path towards my future. I plan on getting a job on Wall Street in investment banking, ideally with Goldman Sachs. By having a STEM background, it will put me at an advantage over my competitors.”

A member of Huntington High School’s National Honor Society chapter, Ms. Kitzen has also been inducted into the Math, English and Social Studies Honor Societies. She performed in the pit orchestra during the spring musical for two years. She’s also a member of the environmental club, serving as the organization’s social media coordinator and scholastic representative.

“Mr. [Jamie] Fishlow is one of my favorite teachers at Huntington High School,” Ms. Kitzen said. “I first met him when I was eight years old and began playing tennis. Having him as my gym teacher for three years at the high school was definitely one of the highlights of my time here. Last year, I began to write down quotes that he would say to my class. Mr. Fishlow truly has a way with words and as a retirement gift I gave him a book filled with his words of wisdom. He not only pushed me to do my best, but to not give up, to challenge myself and to face all obstacles head on.”

English teacher Kelly Krycinski is another of the teenager’s favorite faculty members. “Being able to have her both my freshman year of high school and my senior year has been absolutely amazing,” Ms. Kitzen said. “Humanities is one of my favorite classes that I’ve taken to date. I always know that when I walk into room 247, I can expect a brighter day. Taking her English 9H class really opened my mind to some of the most wonderful pieces of literature. Currently, her Humanities class has allowed me to further expand my love for the fine arts and culture in new and various ways. Mrs. Krycinski is like a ray of sunshine, always there even on a cloudy day, to enlighten those around her and keep a smile on everyone’s face.”

Ms. Kitzen and Huntington’s faculty appreciate and respect each other. “I’ve enjoyed the relationships and friendships I’ve made with all of my teachers over the years; giving me positive influences and experiences,” she said.

Highlights of the past four years include the marching band, Float Night the evening before Homecoming Day and the annual Relay For Life fundraising extravaganza.

Memorable experiences with friends

“Participation in these activities gave me memorable experiences and allowed me to bond and create lasting friendships,” Ms. Kitzen said. “Float Night has been one of my favorite times here at Huntington High School. Seeing my whole grade come together to compete against our peers has always been thrilling. Relay For Life has been another highlight of my time here. Seeing my community come together to support this great cause and staying up all night with my friends and teachers to show that in times of need, we are here to help one another is truly an awe inspiring and powerful feeling.”

The Blue Devil marching band will always be near and dear to Ms. Kitzen’s heart. “It’s been a huge part of my high school experience,” she said. “Kids from all walks of life participate and come together to compete with the rest of New York State. It’s an experience that has given me the drive to never settle for less.”

Recently honored at the Distinguished Seniors dinner after compiling an academic average of at least a 90 during every semester of high school, Ms. Kitzen’s academic and co-curricular record speaks for itself. She will graduate near the top of this year’s senior class.

“I feel that my overall experience at Huntington High School has been positive and I am well prepared to face whatever may come,” Ms. Kitzen said. “I will always remember and be grateful for the staff, faculty and friends that have helped me throughout my time here, always encouraging me to be my best and do what I love. I will cherish the memories and friendships I have made here always.”

Blue Devil marching band member Katharine Kitzen.
Blue Devil marching band member Katharine Kitzen.
Case Western University is located in Cleveland, Ohio
Case Western University is located in Cleveland, Ohio
Katharine Kitzen and fellow senior Nicole Arenth at Safe Halloween last fall.
Katharine Kitzen and fellow senior Nicole Arenth at Safe Halloween last fall.
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