Huntington High School senior Ariana Strieb.

Senior Ariana Strieb Gets Set to Change the World

Huntington High School senior Ariana Strieb.

November 2, 2018

Ariana Strieb throws herself completely into everything she does. The Huntington High School senior is a dynamic and energetic teenager with strong opinions and the facts to back them up.

Ms. Strieb is one of the top students in Huntington’s Class of 2019. She has compiled a sensational academic record and has been a mover and shaker in the high school’s extracurricular club program.

A legitimate intellectual powerhouse, Ms. Strieb’s academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement Psychology, AP Literature and Composition, AP Government and Politics, AP Environmental Science, Calculus and Project Adventure

Ms. Strieb’s closest friends include Emma Grassi, Katherine DeGennaro, Eliza Englesher, Lauren Berg, Maya DelGiudice, Caroline Lenze, Jonah Anastos, John Paul Paci, Jack Stewart, Henry Cartwright and Jack Langton.

“Ariana is one of my best friends,” Mr. Cartwright said. “She is the most caring and passionate person I’ve ever met. She will go out of her way to help anyone.”

Ms. Strieb and her friends have a remarkable sense of respect and loyalty for each another. “Ariana is the smartest and kindest person I know and she definitely has an extremely bright future ahead of her,” Ms. Berg said. “She’s always helpful and a great friend to me.”

The senior hasn’t finalized her college plans yet, but said she likes City College, Fordham University and Bard. “I think the college process is overly rigorous, but I am extremely excited to go,” Ms. Strieb said. “I have no idea about possible careers, but intend to be involved in social justice issues such as women’s rights and I plan on using my Spanish.”

The teenager likes adventure and new experiences. She has traveled to Canada and Italy and she will going Peru in April. Ms. Strieb always manages to learn something new from any situation she happens to find herself in.

Ms. Strieb is very involved in school activities. A member of the National Honor Society, English, Social Studies and Spanish Honor Societies, she also participates in the environmental club, United Amigos, the women’s empowerment club, Gay Straight Alliance, Natural Helpers, Habitat for Humanity and a Spanish mentoring program.

Outside of school hours the teenager works at Not Just Art, volunteers with her old teachers at Jefferson Primary School, tutors Spanish and gives freely of her time to the Huntington Interfaith Housing Initiative’s homeless shelter program.

Ms. Strieb started out in the district at Jefferson Primary School. She moved over to Southdown School in second grade following a redistricting. She has shined every step of the way en route to her senior year.

The senior’s favorite teachers include Nicole Cooper, Pamela Piffard, Michael Graziano, Kenneth Donovan and Matthew Liguori. Every faculty member admires the teenager and holds her in high esteem, recognizing her sharp intellect and her impeccable preparation for class.

“Ariana’s leadership skills are at the highest levels of her age group,” Ms. Cooper said. “They will enable her to accomplish enormous feats in her life. I have never learned so much from a student before. She constantly educates as many people as possible on the challenges of marginalized groups. She intellectualizes at a level far superior to that of her peers. I know that her dedication to social justice will change the world one day.”

Looking back over her many years in the district, the senior is happy with how everything has unfolded. “Overall, I have had a great time,” Ms. Strieb said. “I loved the dual language program, which I was in. It’s been an incredible experience.”

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