Cameron Fehrs (right and classmate Mia Breitbarth in Eastern Europe last spring.

Senior Cameron Fehrs Loves Huntington High School

Cameron Fehrs (right) and classmate Mia Breitbarth in Eastern Europe last spring.

November 5, 2018

Cameron Fehrs is a sweet, happy and easy-going Huntington High School senior who is popular with everyone around the building.

The teenager has pursued a diversified set of classes as well as experiences in clubs and sports. Ms. Fehrs has worked well with her teachers, made new friends and solidified existing friendships, traveled and discerned where her future interests lie. She’s also shined as a photographer and is currently compiling what is expected to be a sensational portfolio of work.

Huntington High School senior Cameron Fehrs.
Huntington High School senior Cameron Fehrs.

Ms. Fehrs played varsity tennis in each of the past four seasons “and especially this year, all of my teammates and I really grew closer,” she said. The teenager captured All-League honors this past fall.

A member of the English and Science Honor Society chapters, the senior is just beginning an internship with Huntington High School athletic trainer Kelly Hatzmann. “I’m super excited to get some hands-on experience and explore my interests,” Ms. Fehrs said.

The teenager tries to be involved in the Interact Club as much as she can. The dynamic organization is led by a group of enthusiastic students. “It’s an amazing club with amazing people,” Ms. Fehrs said.

The teenager is currently enrolled in the high school’s Advanced Placement Studio Art 2-D Design photography course. Ms. Fehrs has worked closely with Huntington photography teacher Pamela Piffard during the past three years. “I love having time to be creative and work on something I’m passionate about,” she said.

The senior is also taking classes in Advanced Placement Government and Politics, Physics, Algebra 2 and Physics. She has dabbled in a little bit of everything over the past four years.

Ms. Fehrs has been carefully laying out her college plans. “I’m very interested in the University of Delaware and Sacred Heart University,” she said. “I’m thinking of physical therapy or athletic training for my area of study.”

Loyalty means an awful lot to Ms. Fehrs and her closest friends include Nicole Walsh, Phoebe Walther, Anna Crockett, Sophia LaCentra and Christie Baade, her varsity tennis doubles partner.

“Cameron is an all-around great person,” Ms. Baade said. “She is very determined and doesn’t let anyone or anything stop her. Whether we’re playing tennis or just hanging out she is always there with a helping hand.”

Ms. Fehrs is happiest when her friends are nearby. “Cameron has been an amazing friend to me all throughout high school,” Ms. LaCentra said. “She’s truly one of the most thoughtful and caring people I have ever met. She always knows how to put a smile on my face and can always brighten my day. I’m so grateful to be able to call her my friend.”

Some of Ms. Fehrs’ friends date back to kindergarten at Southdown Primary School. “I have been lucky enough to be friends with Cameron since we were five years old,” Ms. Walther said. “She is the definition of a fun-loving person. Her smile lights up the room and I know she always has my back.”

The teenager’s favorite teachers have been Deborah Beck, Pamela Piffard, Amanda Scott, Camille Tedeschi, Kelly Krycinski, Maria Canino and Michael Marinello. “I know that’s a lot, but I’ve been really fortunate to have such amazing teachers,” Ms. Fehrs said. “And although I never had Mr. [Jamie] Fishlow, he’s been so great with me through my all four years on the tennis team.”

“Cameron is a very special person,” Mrs. Piffard said. “She is kind, hardworking and committed. Cameron is currently working on a beautiful series of collage photo piece for her AP portfolio that are both well-crafted and amazingly stunning.”

The senior’s all-time faculty favorite is Mrs. Beck, a science teacher who Ms. Fehrs studied with during her freshman and junior years. “She was so encouraging and believed in me when I wasn’t at my best,” the teenager said. “She was so understanding last year after I was involved in a bus accident. I will forever be appreciative of her.”

I enjoyed seeing Cameron grow from a quiet girl to a confident young adult,” Mrs. Beck said. “She is an outstanding student and member of the Huntington High School community. She works hard and has earned the respect of her teachers as well as her peers. Cameron has tremendous potential and I can’t wait to see what she does next. She plans to become a physical therapist and I know she has the motivation and talent to excel in that pursuit.”

Ms. Fehrs has done some traveling, visiting a string of Eastern European countries last spring with some of her classmates. “That was my first time traveling out of the country,” she said.

As the clocks ticks down to graduation next June, the teenager has grown reflective. “I really love Huntington High School,” Ms. Fehrs said. “It’s such an inclusive school with such a big heart. I love all the school spirit we have within the community and have had such dedicated teachers. I’ve been so blessed to have had an overall amazing high school experience surrounded by such loving people.” 

Cameron Fehrs at the net for Huntington girls' tennis. (Darin Reed photo.)
Cameron Fehrs at the net for Huntington girls' tennis. (Darin Reed photo.)
Some of Cameron Fehrs' (left) happiest days have been spent with her tennis teammates.
Some of Cameron Fehrs' (left) happiest days have been spent with her tennis teammates.
Cameron Fehrs (right) is all dressed up for a night out.
Cameron Fehrs (right) is all dressed up for a night out.