Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School student council members meeting.

STEM School Student Council Making a Difference

Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School student council members meeting.

November 27, 2018

Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School’s student council hasn’t stopped working since the earliest days of the 2018/19 school year.

The organization’s elections this past October saw students campaigning with handmade posters and recorded speeches, which were posted online on Google Classroom, a free web service developed by the company for schools with the aim of streamlining the sharing of files between teachers and students.

“Each class was able to view the speeches in their classroom and cast their vote,” said teacher Susan Danzig, who serves as the student council’s faculty advisor.

Natalie Parrott was elected president, with Ella Ackerman capturing the vice presidency and Joseph Boeckmann winning the secretary’s position.

The student council, which also consists of two representatives from each class, wasted no time getting to work. Members assigned to committees, including ones encompassing recycling, bulletin boards, commercials (via Google Classroom) and announcements.

“The student council led the implementation of our school’s paper recycling program,” Mrs. Danzig said. “With large increases in the number of classes at Jack Abrams, recycling containers have become hard to come by. With a little help from security guard Glenn Deveau and custodian Tom Desmond, classes are now able to use empty copy paper boxes as receptacles for both used paper and plastic bottles, both of which are picked up weekly by the class representatives.”

Student council members have planned and executed several spirit days, including ones that included favorite jerseys, hats, crazy hair and socks and a full “spirit week” leading up to the Huntington Homecoming Day celebration in late October. The Homecoming Day parade saw student council members marching alongside parents, teachers, administrators, community groups and the award winning Huntington High School Blue Devil marching band.

A recently concluded Thanksgiving Day food drive was wildly successful. “Student council members assigned categories of items to specific grades. Sixth graders collected boxed items while those in fifth grade was assigned canned goods and fourth graders desserts. Students donated their own unwanted Halloween candy to the dessert collection.

“All donations were picked up by the Helping Hand Rescue Mission in Huntington Statiopn for distribution throughout the community,” Mrs. Danzig said. “The collection was so successful that two trips were required to pick it all up.”

Student council members have quickly transitioned in a holiday toy drive. All of the items collected will also be donated to Helping Hand Rescue Mission, where volunteers will gift-wrap and distribute them to brighten up the holiday season for some of the smallest community members.

“Through the student council, the students are learning about the value of community service,” Mrs. Danzig said. “They are so enthusiastic that they cannot wait for their next project and are constantly searching for and brainstorming new ideas. They are looking forward to several more community activities to come this school year.”

Last year the Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School student council teamed up with the Huntington High School student government members for the Stuff the Bus program, which collects thousands of food items for donation to and ultimate distribution to the community through local pantries. “This year’s student council is hoping to participate once again,” Mrs. Danzig said.

Students meet every Monday to plan for the weeks and months ahead. Interested in assisting or partnering with the Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School’s student council or in making a donation, please contact Mrs. Danzig at [email protected].

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