Maire Brown is flanked by tennis teammates Christie Baade and Mia Breitbarth.

Senior Maire Brown Has Larger than Life Personality

Maire Brown is flanked by tennis teammates Christie Baade and Mia Breitbarth.

November 28, 2018

Maire Brown keeps everyone on their toes. The Huntington High School senior is smart, athletic and displays a wicked sense of humor. She has a larger than life personality and when she’s in a room, everyone knows it.

Since her first day of kindergarten at Flower Hill Primary School, Ms. Brown has been attracting friends like a magnet. People enjoy being in her presence. She’s fun to be around and she’s incredibly loyal.

Huntington High School senior Maire Brown.
Huntington High School senior Maire Brown.

The senior’s closest friends include Brooke Goldsmith, Madison Buchholtz, Mia Breitbarth, Marissa Stafford and Danielle Lamarco. It’s a formidable group of teenagers, with each exhibiting impressive talents and qualities. They all take comfort in knowing they can depend upon one another.

“Maire is my best friend and I can literally count on her for anything,” Ms. Stafford said. “She is so funny and supportive, she just makes every day better. She is always there for me when I need her and we have the best of times together.”

Ms. Brown has played tennis and lacrosse throughout high school. She also serves as a tennis instructor outside of school. She captured All-League honors this past fall with the Blue Devils.

“Maire’s that one friend that you can always go to for advice or if you need to talk about something and she’s always down to have fun,” Ms. Breitbarth said. “She’s my best friend and almost all of my best memories in high school have involved her. I’m just extremely grateful for our friendship.”

Ms. Brown’s current academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Algebra, Forensics, Film and Short Story, Sports Literature, Participation in Government and Economics.

The teenager’s favorite teachers include Patricia Anson, Kathleen Sambour, Beth Volgelsang and Peter Fusco.

“Maire is one of the most naturally athletic kids I’ve ever met,” Ms. Vogelsang said. “I’ve had her in my physical education class for two years and coached her on Huntington’s lax teams. Don’t let her sweetness fool you. She has no fear and is one tough athlete. Every team needs someone with grit and we’re very lucky to have Maire. Last season she was hurt, but I cannot wait to see Maire in full force for the upcoming lacrosse season.”

Looking ahead to college, Ms. Brown said her top schools are Lynn University and the University of South Carolina. She is “very interested” in criminal profiling.

“Overall, Huntington has made me grow as a student as well as a person,” Ms. Brown said. “I've enjoyed my teachers and thank them for the person I've become today as I continue to grow. I am also happy to say that Huntington has helped me meet some of my best friends, not only through classes, but also through the sports teams that I've played on. I know that I’ll have a special bond with them forever.” 

Maire Brown (third from right) at the All-County tennis dinner.
Maire Brown (third from right) at the All-County tennis dinner.
Maire Brown captured All-League honors with the Blue Devils. (Darin Reed photo)

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