Phoebe Walther (right) with some of her field hockey teammates. (Darin Reed photo.)

Huntington’s Phoebe Walther is a Spectacular Senior

Phoebe Walther (right) with some of her field hockey teammates. (Darin Reed photo.)

October 5, 2018

Phoebe Walther is a spectacular young woman and one of the leading lights in Huntington High School’s Class of 2019. She has a multitude of talents that have helped her sparkle over the past four years, but it’s her gentle nature and her warm personality that has made her especially popular with her classmates and teachers.

A dynamic teenager, Ms. Walther is one of the top players on the Blue Devil varsity field hockey team. A member of Huntington’s National Honor Society and Italian Honor Society chapters, she plans on being active in the high school’s Interact Club, Habitat for Humanity chapter, Natural Helpers and the drama club’s spring musical production.

Ms. Walther’s closest friends include Nicole Walsh, Adriana Scarpati, Cameron Mills, Sam Roberts, Isabella Fox and Julia Aureliano.

“I am so lucky to have Phoebe as one of my best friends,” Ms. Aureliano said. “She is very hardworking and passionate about everything. She is always willing to give a helping hand whenever you need it. I’m so happy that she is one of the closest friends I have made at Huntington. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Ms. Walther’s loyalty to her friends and family are well known. Her involvement in the Natural Helpers program says a lot about just the type of person she really is. The senior genuinely cares about others and she’s willing to go the distance to help someone in need.

“Phoebe is a huge inspiration,” Mr. Roberts said. “She always finds a way to stay positive and always is willing to help out. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

Ms. Walther’s current year academic schedule includes classes in Advanced Placement Environmental Science, AP Government and Politics, Holocaust/Multicultural Literature, Financial Algebra and Italian 5 Honors. She is involved in a credit bearing internship with an AP World History class.

The senior’s favorite teachers are Camille Tedeschi, Michael Schwendemann and Amelia Saggese. “Phoebe has been my student for four consecutive years and we have traveled to Ireland together and will travel to Peru in April together,” Ms. Tedeschi said. “Phoebe is one of a kind and holds a special place in my heart. She works hard, is committed to helping others and is kind hearted. She has such a beautiful soul and is always smiling. Her humor and happiness is contagious and anyone who gets to spend time with her is lucky, including myself.”

Ms. Walther has development many strong relationships with faculty members across the district since her first day of kindergarten at Southdown Primary School. “She is a wonderful, witty, team player that is always there to help and it doesn’t hurt that her smile lights up any room she enters,” Mr. Schwendemann said.

The teenager said it “has always been my dream” to become an elementary school teacher. She recently developed an interest in also pursuing certification in special education.

“I have loved everything about Huntington and wouldn’t change anything for the world,” Ms. Walther said. “Our community is something special because we can all come together for things that we believe in, especially when Eli passed away because he was a very close friend of mine. The support system at the high school is amazing.” 

Huntington High School senior Phoebe Walther.
Huntington High School senior Phoebe Walther.
Huntington senior Phoebe Walther has the ball. (Darin Reed photo.)
Huntington senior Phoebe Walther has the ball. (Darin Reed photo.)
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