Huntington photography students need working 35mm SLR cameras

Donate Old Cameras to HHS Photography Program

Huntington photography students need working 35mm SLR cameras

October 10, 2018

That old 35mm SLR camera of yours that is gathering dust on the shelf in your closet is a valuable commodity to the Huntington High School photography program. School officials are urging the community to donate those old cameras for student use.

“We are in need of 35mm Canon Rebels, Pentax K-1000s and Canon AE 1s,” said Pamela Piffard-Williams, Huntington’s photography teacher. “Many people have great cameras that they are no longer using, due to the convenience and quality of digital cameras. We teach film development in our photography course and would appreciate any donations the community might wish to make.”

Huntington photography teacher Pamela Piffard-Williams.

Mrs. Piffard-Williams said the program’s success depends upon the continued availability of 35mm cameras. The district has been unsuccessful in past attempts to buy new 35mm cameras and get the broken ones that are already in the inventory repaired for continued use.

The district is not interested in obtaining broken cameras or those missing parts since most such cameras cannot be rehabilitated. Donors will receive a letter indicating the value of any donated camera to the program for tax purposes. Most such cameras have a current market value of about $100.

Contact Mrs. Piffard-Williams at [email protected] or call 631-673-2106 for more information. Please include the make and model of the camera in any correspondence.