Huntington's National Honor Society chapter inducted 63 new members in 2017

HHS National Honor Society Membership Process Begins

Huntington's National Honor Society chapter inducted 63 new members in 2017.

September 27, 2018

The Nathan Hale chapter of the National Honor Society at Huntington High School is set to launch the selection process for the 2018/19 class.

Dozens of juniors and seniors are expected to apply for membership based upon their respective academic record. The purpose of the National Honor Society, a community service organization, is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.

The four areas of scholarship, service, leadership and character are the four criteria upon which the selection of an individual is based. The application process begins with a candidate obtaining the membership selection packet from one of the organization’s two faculty advisors; Patricia Avelli (Room 128) or Tara Fisher (Room 113).

The deadline for submitting an application is Friday, October 12 at 3 p.m. Questions? Visit the classroom of one of the faculty advisors or send a message to Ms. Avelli ([email protected]) or Ms. Fisher ([email protected]).

The following items should be considered by all students as they complete the application packet:

  • If you are unsure whether an activity/organization is considered community service, put it down anyway.
  • You must provide names and phone numbers of contacts for your community service activities.
  • Be specific when describing dates and details of activities (use extra space if necessary.)
  • Indicate whether a service activity was of a volunteer nature or required (i.e. for course credit, grade requirement.)
  • Give the recommending parties (teachers, community members, etc.) ample time to complete the recommendation form. Choose those who know you best and who can attest to your leadership qualities.
  • The three recommendations must be in a sealed envelope with a signature across the seal.
  • In your personal statement, please write about areas other than academics; you have already met the 90 percent scholarship criteria. You can include articles, photos, etc.
  • Late or incomplete packets will not be considered for selection.
  • Be truthful on your application! If you put false information in the packet, you will not be considered for membership.

Following submission of an application packet, faculty members are given the opportunity to provide information relative to an applicant’s character, leadership, and service. The information is collected and presented to the Faculty Council Membership Selection Committee. This committee, comprised of faculty members appointed by the principal, evaluates each candidate based on the selection criteria and the information that you, your sponsors, and faculty members have supplied. The identities of the committee members remain confidential, as do all aspects of the committee meetings and all information related to your candidacy.”

Students will be notified by mail concerning the outcome of their membership application. Juniors can reapply next year as seniors.

This year’s induction ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14 at 7 p.m. in the Huntington High School auditorium.