Huntington senior Brandon Dewar.

H-ton Senior Brandon Dewar Sketches Future Plans

Huntington senior Brandon Dewar.

February 28, 2019

Brandon Dewar has always been an amiable fellow. The Huntington High School senior is easygoing and friendly. As he nears graduation, he has sketched out his plans for college and career and is excited to be on the cusp of a new stage of his life.

Mr. Dewar has been studying at Wilson Tech’s Dix Hills campus for the past two years. He focused on robotics and computer repair last year and is concentrating on computer networking as a senior. He also takes a health class there.

The teenager rides on a 7:30 a.m. bus to Wilson Tech and returns to Huntington High School for periods 6-9, during which he takes Advanced Algebra, Humanities, Participation in Government and physical education classes.

Mr. Dewar’s counts Ian Ardell and Tucker McNulty as his closest friends. “Many others are good friends,” he said.

The senior gets along with everyone just as he always has since his earliest days as a kindergartener at Washington Primary School.

Mr. Dewar’s favorite faculty members have been Amanda Scott, Edward Florea, Michael Schwendemann, Patricia Avelli, Alona Klein-Regan, Kelly Krycinski, Debra Cheskes, Alex Nelson, Christopher Taylor, Maria Canino, Matthew Ligouri, Thomas Tantillo, Jordan Schessler, Brian Stellato, Jason Giachetti, John Pagano, Crystal Cass, Erik Bruckbauer and Fred Bisogno.

“My plan to go to Suffolk Community College for two years and study computer science and then continue on for two more years at Stony Brook University to obtain my bachelor’s degree,” Mr. Dewar said. He hopes to land a job as a computer scientist and programmer.

Mr. Dewar has some advice for Huntington High School’s incoming freshman: “Buckle down and work hard for the next four years,” he said. “When you finally make it to your senior year and graduate, you can briefly relax and then get back into working for college.”

The senior never lets anything get him down. He simply rolls with life’s ups and downs and makes the best of every situation.

“My experience in Huntington is one that I will never forget,” Mr. Dewar said. “It made me into a better person in many ways.”

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